Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Summer Showers

The temperatures are slowly but surely rising and I find myself more and more drawn to all things Summer. From fresh, brightly colored flowers in my flat to breaking out my warm weather fragrances, I'm all about celebrating Summer even if it's still cold enough for a coat here in London… I actually wore my faux fur coat today, but that's a different story all together.

I'm currently starting my days with Noble Isle Summer Rising Shower Gel. In my opinion, there are few better luxuries than a shower gel you really love - something that wakes you up gently and helps you get a good jump on the day ahead. If you're shower's not great, you don't have much hope for a good day ahead. Summer Rising brings the best fragrances of sunny days into the shower: orange blossom, tangerine, moss and cut grass. It's like taking a walk through a sunlit meadow without ever leaving your flat. Who wouldn't love starting the day like that? The only problem is coping with the rain when the weather doesn't quite live up to the shower...

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