Friday, June 6, 2014

A Night With the London Cabaret Society… Shhhhh!

Anna the Hulagan

"What happens in the London Cabaret Society stays in the London Cabaret Society." ~ MC

I'm about to break the cardinal rule of the London Cabaret Society and Cafe de Paris right now…Shhhh! An evening so spectacular deserves to be shared. In honor of the 90th anniversary of Cafe de Paris, a hot spot in central London, the London Cabaret Society is treating guests to a show they won't soon forget. Featuring a line-up of talented, if not slightly eccentric stage performers, each night delivers a fabulous time that harkens back to the days of Vaudeville and Burlesque. Escaping the hustle & bustle of modern-day London, walking through the doors of Cafe de Paris is like taking a trip in a time machine to Paris in the 1920's. The venue was opened in 1924 and still has the same vintage charm. It wouldn't have surprised me in the least to see F. Scott Fitzgerald sipping Old Fashioned's in the corner with Hemingway… I was immediately transported to the Paris of days gone by.

The London Cabaret Society packs a punch when it comes to performers. Expect to be entertained with everything from a barely dressed maven wielding a flaming hula hoop to some sexy shirtless fellas displaying balance and flexibility that would make a contortionist blush. It's funny and exciting with a splash of naughty that goes perfectly with the selection of vintage cocktails on offer. Those who require liquid courage for such daring entertainment can choose a Gin Rickey, a Mint Julep, a Between the Sheets or a Dita Von Tini to wash down all the excitement. Go early for a 3 course dinner and it's the perfect night out!

There are several ticket options available in a variety of prices ranging from £15 for General Admission to £75 for VIP and a few in between. If you're sensitive to naughty language, nudity and dirty jokes, I would say this show isn't for you. For everyone else, I highly recommend it. Whether you live in London or you're planning your next visit, the London Cabaret Society at the Cafe de Paris is not to be missed!

Bonus Flashback
Just as an extra little bonus, I thought I'd share with you that I myself once played in a Vaudeville show, though it was at University of Miami and a lot more tame than the show I saw at Cafe de Paris. I was a chorus girl in The Miami Vaudeville Revue of 1926, a musical written in 2001 to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of UM. We even had a couple of special appearances by University of Miami President and former Secretary of Health and Human Services Donna Shalala. Just for giggles, here's a photo. How's that for a Flashback Friday?


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