Friday, June 13, 2014

Dove Invisible Dry for a Pit Stain Free Summer

I don't know about you, but deodorant isn't usually something I think about much unless I have one that's not working well… I tend to buy whichever one is 3 for 2 at whatever drugstore I stop into and occasionally in extreme heat situations, I go for the super strength versions as a precaution. I can honestly say I'm impressed with Dove Invisible Dry - it's on another level. I was skeptical about its claims to be invisible on 100 different colors, but you know what folks? It's true!

Dove held a rather colorful event to introduce the products in the Schiaparelli Suite at the Mayfair Hotel in partnership with colorful fashion designer Olivia Rubin. Also on hand was Karen Haller, a color psychology expert who talked with me about what the colors I wear every day say to the people I come in contact with. While at the event, a member of Dove's research & development team took some time to explain to me how this product works and it's pretty interesting. There are masking oils built into the formula that work like cloaking devices for the white powder that's usually left behind on your clothes after applying deodorant. In the middle photo above, you'll see a swatch from the black & white chevron dress I was wearing when I tried Dove Invisible Dry. I rolled the roll-on over my leg (pictured above) and nothing… I sprayed the compressed aerosol version of the same quite liberally and still nothing. Dove Invisible Dry actually does what it says on the bottle, not to mention that it smells lovely and lasts all day. With summer on the horizon, I suggest making your life easier and picking up this deodorant for no more flaky white stains on your pretty dresses - be free, wear color and don't worry about it!


  1. I'm so scared to try a different deodorant to the hardcore sweat killer I have now, in case it doesn't work and I've wasted my money. This sounds great so maybe I'll give it a go if I'm feeling brave!

  2. I know how you feel Charlie… I'm the same, but this one worked for me yesterday, which was a warm day, though on hard core island sun holidays, I'd probably rely on my medical strength sweat barrier variety! haha The great thing about this one is that you can actually spray it on your clothes and it won't leave marks… Something that happens to me almost daily. Love it!


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