Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Visit to the City of Bordeaux

Visiting Bordeaux was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. A city in the heart of the Bordeaux wine region, it's also a World Heritage Site and a bustling little gem not too terribly far from the French and Spanish border. The people are lovely, the city is beautiful and the weather while we were there was incredible! Everywhere you turn, Bordeaux seems to serve up something new and interesting… It's definitely a great city for exploring on the fly - we went with no solid plans other than a hotel booking and never tired of walking around the city day after day.

Where to stay...
I highly recommend staying at the Hotel de la Tour Intendance, an adorable boutique hotel located in the city centre. I would suggest opting for one of the larger rooms so you have plenty of space. It's a lovely hotel and we were very comfortable there. There is a breakfast option for an additional cost, however there are so many places in the nearby area to grab breakfast for much cheaper that I'd recommend skipping that option unless you have a lot of kids traveling with you.

What to eat… 
Eating in Bordeaux really depends on your tastes… If you're a lover of foie gras and fancy dishes, then you'll have no shortage of options. Personally, I don't eat foie gras and my tastes are more simple when it comes to food, so my favorites included Le Murano and Chez Peppone, oddly enough both Italian restaurants, but I've always said that Italian food is good in France. Additionally we had the opportunity to dine at La Brasserie Bordelaise at Les Epicuriales, a food festival that takes place for two weeks each summer and it was incredible! Known for its comprehensive selection of cured meats, delicious wines and gorgeous food, it's worth visiting while in Bordeaux. 

What to do…
Bordeaux is a lively little city offering lots of great shopping, tons of restaurants, cultural entertainment, wine tours and much much more… It's hard to not find something fun to do in Bordeaux. It's a great city for families and children as well and don't worry about the language barrier as many people there speak English. I recommend checking out the Tourism Office of Bordeaux before traveling or visiting it while you're there.

I'm definitely planning to revisit Bordeaux. If I'm being honest, I'd love to own a home there and go several times a year - it's that kind of wonderful place! No matter what your interests, be it food, opera, scenery, wine… There's a little something for everyone there and I challenge you not to love it. Impossible!

Olive Oil Chandelier at Oliviers & Co.

St. Louis des Chartrons

Palais de la Bourse

The Bordeaux Water Mirror

Wall Art
These will be wine soon!

Beautiful trees provide shade from the hot sun all over the city...

An abandoned gasoline tank outside our hotel...

Remnants of an old BP gas station...

Place de Quinconces

Sister Cities

Courts of Justice

Bordeaux Public Garden


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