Thursday, July 10, 2014

Vichy Eau Thermale - The Ultimate Summer Refresher

To say that I'm addicted to thermal water sprays would be an understatement. I love them and I've been using them for years! Great for cooling down on a hot day, refreshing tired make-up or soothing irritated skin (razor burn anyone?), I rarely leave home without some sort of thermal water spray in my bag and I have industrial sized bottles dotted around my flat. Even my husband loves using them during the summer when the heat gets to be a bit much.

Thanks to the folks at Putney Pharmacy, I recently tried Vichy Eau Thermale and it's a great product! Containing over 15 rare minerals, this product is paraben-free and great for a number of uses. For beauty buffs, simply spray lightly over the face once you've finished your make-up to set it for the day. I also love giving my face a good splash right before bed and first thing in the morning to help wake both myself and my skin.

Do you ever use thermal water sprays? Do you have a particular favorite?

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