Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Tour of Seven Dials, London

The lovely folks at Seven Dials are planning something big and exciting this month! Spotlight will transform Seven Dials into a festival of live music, dance, comedy and more. In anticipation of this exciting event, I was invited to take a little tour of the area and it was a lovely day out!

I started with lunch at La Bottega (pictured above), a lovely Italian deli where you can not only enjoy what's on offer to eat and drink, but also buy goodies and Italian foodstuffs to take away - my kind of place! I had a toasted ham & cheese sandwich and a few little sweet treats. It was absolutely lovely! With tables both outside and inside, this is a year round treat for lovers of quick & easy Italian cuisine.

The next stop was B1866, the first and only bricks & mortar store from Brooks England, a lovely heritage brand that's been making bicycle saddles from leather for nearly 150 years. I was in awe of the saddles and I'm not even a bike owner, but talking to the staff about how they're made, the process and the craftsmanship that goes into each and every piece was inspiring.

Then came Tatty Devine… I've not always been the biggest supporter of Tatty Devine, but I kind of fell in love with the shop in Seven Dials. Listening to someone tell the story of the brand and how it's evolved through the years was incredibly inspiring. For personalized gifts that are fun and colorful, this is the place to be!

Just opened recently is Loft Designed By… One of the most beautiful shops I think I've ever been into, Loft is a French brand whose shops are inspired not only by the clothing they sell, but also by structures, architecture, art and more. Props are dotted throughout the store from an antique cash register to a wayward can of spray paint. Selling gorgeous wares such as cashmere separates and luxe basics alongside fragrances and candles, this is one for the radar.

One of my favorite shops in Seven Dials is Miller Harris, a fragrance shop that literally knocked my socks off! All of the scents are inspired by memories of holidays, feelings and special occasions. I loved every single Miller Harris product I sniffed, but my favorite is Tangerine Vert!

The perfect ending to my little tour was a lush mini-facial at Claudalie… It was blissful! The spa in the Claudalie shop in Seven Dials is well worth visiting for a much needed beauty break!

I definitely recommend a shopping day at Seven Dials. There are lots of great shops, independents, restaurants and more. It's a welcome change from the high streets which are starting to all look frightfully the same.

For more information on Spotlight, check out the events page on the Seven Dials website. 


  1. I love Seven Dials, it's one of my favourite shopping spots in London. I'm constantly wearing Tatty Devine, but I also love Poste Mistress for designer shoe bargains and my new favourite bar is Earlham Street Clubhouse for awesome cocktails.
    Shopped and Dropped - a lifestyle blog

    1. Yeah, it's a great little area… So many lovely independent shops - a real jewel in the hustle & bustle of Central London! xx


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