Friday, August 15, 2014

Shoe Talk

1. Frye / 2. Tom's / 3. Dune / 4. Dune / 5. Hobbs / 6. H by Hudson / 7. ASOS / 8. Sam Edelman

A lovely reader asked me to put together a round-up of great shoes for her first Autumn in London. I love a great request and these are my picks for the best shoes this Autumn. Here are a five tips that I find helpful when thinking about footwear for the colder months in London.

1. Waterproof is key. Not every shoe in your wardrobe needs to be a pair of wellies, but at least a few pairs of sturdy leather shoes will serve you well. Ballet flats puddled over with water from London rain are not comfy or warm.

2. Comfort is important. London is a city of cobblestones. If you're brave and have good balance, by all means, wear 4 inch heels every day. I am not one of those people… I choose flats, boots and for more casual moments, Tom's.

3. Stay away from too much suede. A pair or two is great, but with our unpredictable rain patterns here in the UK, you run the risk of ruining them every time you step outside.

4. Invest in good polish and protective sprays. These will save your shoes and keep them nicer longer.

5. Save your soles. Thin soled ballet flats will only make your feet hurt and offer little support for a city where walking is part of every day life and cobble stones are both a blessing and a curse. Try a pair with a thicker sole or a hard sole.

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