Thursday, September 18, 2014

Give Me the Simple Life

Give Me the Simple Life
In this day and age of mobile devices, iPhones, iPads, laptops, etc. we're always connected and with this constant electronic exposure, I sometimes find myself craving a bit of simplicity. For me, unplugging, even just for an hour or two, is a round-trip ticket to days gone by, when life was a little simpler and people didn't work after they got home because e-mail didn't exist and dinner time was a sacred family event respected by everyone. As technology becomes a bigger part of our lives, enhancing our every move and making us faster, more productive and smarter, I am making an effort to hold on to quiet times with people, dinners at the table, home cooked meals, dinner parties at home and reading a good book. Yes, I said a book - not a Kindle.

This playlist is my little homage to my constant effort to have it all, both a digitally advanced professional lifestyle and a simple home life of enjoying things that were once seen as ordinary, but are now life's little luxuries. Put on this playlist, grab a good novel and draw yourself a bath… Enjoy the downtime and recharge!


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