Thursday, October 9, 2014

Autumn Home Essentials

I love Autumn - it's my favorite season. It's a time when we get relief from the heat of summer, comfort food is a daily occurrence and the calendar starts to fill up with lots of fun things to do! One of the things I remember about Autumn growing up in Kentucky is the decorating that ensued nearly the minute the leaves began to turn. Scarecrows, leaf wreaths and warm colored home accessories came out along with the gorgeous aromas of scented candles and potpourri that filled every room. Though it's not entirely traditional here in London, I've tried to incorporate some of these Autumn traditions in my home here. If nothing else, it's just another reason to get excited for the cooler temperatures and all the change that Fall brings! These are a few Autumn home essentials, some I have already and some that are on my wish list. What are your Fall home must-haves?


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