Friday, October 24, 2014

Halloween Dinner Party Table - All Chic, No Freak

For some, Halloween is something to be done when the kids are little and then forgotten about as soon as they're old enough to stop Trick-or-Treating, but in my house, Halloween is celebrated properly. For one, it's the beginning of the holiday season, a sort of kick-off to the busy schedule, parties, get-togethers and fun that ensues from October to January. It's also a fun holiday that revolves around candy, Autumn and dressing up in costumes - three of my favorite things.

I've never been much for super scary costumes or a particularly creepy Halloween. As a kid I would opt for costumes like Western saloon girl, clown or 1950's girl… As I've gotten older, not much has changed - 1920's flapper, Greek Goddess and 80's Madonna have been a few of my costumes in recent years. I always opt for a smiley pumpkin instead of a spooky one and you won't find spiders and creepy crawlies dangling from the light fixtures in my home. What you will find is an abundance of orange, black and white in place of usual color schemes. Lots of knickknacks and candles are dotted around, there are a few jack-o-lantern fairy lights hung up and a Happy Halloween bunting takes center stage. It's festive without being overwhelming, just the way I like it.

For dinner parties, these things all look great, but I love to tie in my table to the spirit of whatever holiday is upon us. You may have seen my previous budget Halloween table idea which is quite festive, however this time around I'm going for a more chic approach and this is probably the table I'll have set up when my guests arrive for a pre-Halloween dinner party this year. It's elegant and fun without being cheesy and what's especially great is that all these pieces are just thrown together, but will have their uses throughout the year for other occasions. With limited space and storage like I have, this is a particular bonus!

Black & white placemats, black napkins, orange ribbon and a few little elements like miniature pumpkins, orange glassware, monochrome straws and simple votive or tea light holders with orange candles are all you really need to pull off a similar table. Finish off the look with a vase or bottle filled with orange Gerbera Daisies or any orange flowers you can find. I actually used a carafe that I normally use for table water - you can put flowers in just about anything. I'm a big fan of oven to table pieces, so if you have any orange or black pieces for serving the food, then all the better - this is a great time to show them off. My Le Creuset Shallow Casserole in Lava and Silicone Round Cool Tools mat in black are always perfect for Halloween themed dinners. What you serve is up to you, but a festive, orange cocktail might be just the thing for welcoming your guests in style! 

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