Friday, November 14, 2014

5 Essentials for a Relaxing Girl's Night In

Do you ever feel like the best way to spend a weekend evening is with a nice chunk of alone time at home? In the everyday hustle & bustle, sometimes it's hard to make time for yourself. We're all busy, connected to our phones all the time and over-committed with dinners, meetings, visits, etc… It's important to sometimes schedule in time to recharge and refuel.

I remember that Sex and the City episode where our four favorite fabulous ladies talk about their secret single behaviors. Not sure my relaxation night go-to's are secret or single, but these are mine all the same… This is how I wind down for a good girl's night in and it works wonders for getting back on track, resting up and not feeling like I've overdone it all the time.

1. Many times I opt for a good movie or a marathon of a favorite girlie television show (Pretty Little Liars is a favorite for this type of thing), however if I'm really in the mood to recharge, I opt for a bit of quiet reading time. I like all kinds of books - murder mysteries, memoirs & biographies, chick lit, cookbooks and dramatic novels all fill my shelves and when I read them depends on my mood. Right now I'm really excited about Italian food and a potential trip to Italy in the New Year, so I'm reading Risotto and Nettles: A Memoir With Food by Anna Del Conte. Actually having the time to sit down and relax with a book I'm reading is as much or more of a luxury than going out - a real treat!

2. No relaxing night in would be complete without at least one scented candle, although truth be told I'm pretty keen on candles and always have them lit all over the flat, even when I'm not relaxing. However, when it's a night to get back on track, a little luxury is necessary and I'm currently loving the Rose Geranium Classic Candle by Nathalie Bond Organics. It's a fresh, clean, floral scent that is strong enough to fill a room, but not overpowering in the least. It's truly lovely and the perfect candle to keep on hand for a pampering sesh! £25

 3. Before I settle down with my book, I have to be comfortable and my relaxing night in is also the only time I have for some luxury moisturizing that generally falls by the wayside in favor of not being late for something. Relax Massage and Body Oil (℅ Aromatherapy Associates) is a new favorite of mine. I love rubbing it into my elbows, knees and feet for extra moisture and the aromatherapy doesn't hurt either! Relax Massage and Body Oil is a lovely product that's not too greasy, smells beautiful and really helps to soften the tough, tired skin. £41

4. After applying oil to my feet, I'm a big fan of the old trick of locking in the moisture with a pair of socks or slippers. At the moment, I can't get enough of Moccis (pronounced Mock-Keys) for those who are unfamiliar, the luxury hand-sewn Swedish moccasins brand making slippers fun and comfy again! They may not be the most glamorous of indoor footwear, but trust me - these are the slippers you want for the colder months. They're warm, machine washable and they pack flat for travel. They're not at all bulky, have non-slip soles, are completely adorable and very well-made. Moccis are one of my favorite discoveries and I wear my two pairs in constant rotation when it's cold. They're available in lots of different designs and sizes for the whole family. For my relaxing night in, it's always a pair of Moccis£59.97

5. No relaxing night in would be complete without a hot cup of tea - it's the relaxation staple in various cultures all over the world! When I'm chilling out, I love a cup of herbal tea and Kusmi is one of my favorite brands. I always stock up on Kusmi when I'm traveling in France, lured into the shops by the colorful tins of tea and inviting aromas wafting into the streets. Kusmi BB Detox Tea contains green tea, maté, rooibos, guarana and dandelion, all flavored with grapefruit. Delicious, refreshing and warming, this tea has beauty benefits in addition to being absolutely delicious! €12 - €24.90


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