Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Ski Jumpers to Celebrate 150 Years of Winter Tourism

For those of you not living in the UK, you may or may not be aware that here in Britain sweaters are referred to as jumpers so therefore I couldn't resist a Ski Jumpers post - it was just a little too perfect. I'm totally loving all the ski motifs I'm seeing on knitwear this year… It's a little kitschy, a little festive and perhaps a bit tacky, but life is too short to be safe with one's knitwear all the time. Being the 150th Anniversary of Winter Tourism in the place where ski holidays were born St. Moritz, these ski jumpers are all too appropriate for celebrating the idyllic & snowy cold-weather vacations!

As the story goes, a hotelier in the Engadin Valley in 1864 invited a group of summer guests at his hotel from England to make a bet with him in hopes of increasing his business through the off-season. He told his UK visitors that Engadin was much nicer in winter than England with it's damp, rainy cold and that they should visit to experience it first-hand. The hotelier offered to pay for their travel if they weren't satisfied to make the bet interesting. The Englishmen took the bate and visited, enjoying their stay and becoming the first winter tourists in the Alps and therefore basically inventing the ski season as we know it today. I always find that story so charming and I bet those Englishmen would like these jumpers celebrating what they helped to create! 

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