Monday, December 15, 2014

Winter Warmer - Beef Broth With Brandy

A couple of years ago I went on a ski trip to St. Moritz, Switzerland. As it turned out, I enjoyed the snow and the gorgeous food more than the skiing - not surprising really. One particular dish I had really stuck with me. We went to a lovely restaurant for dinner one evening called The Alpenrose in Sils-Maria, a lovely little village in the Engadin Valley. For a starter I ordered a soup - I forget what they called it, but I had the opportunity to ask the chef about it and basically it was a beef broth with brandy. It was the most comforting, delicious thing I've ever tasted and it really stuck with me. So I've set out to recreate it and though it wasn't exactly as I remember it, it was delicious. It's also insanely easy to put together and though not really right for a full meal, it's the perfect snack or starter during the colder months.

For this I used stock cubes - I'm sure the chef wouldn't approve, but the thought of trying to make beef broth from scratch on top of a dinner seems daunting. I found that this worked just fine, though if you were so inclined, it would probably be better with beef stock made from scratch. Either way, this is the perfect thing to enjoy on a cold day by the fire, especially if it's snowing… Snow always makes soup taste better, doesn't it?

Approximately 1 cup of beef broth per person (Homemade, stock cube or store bought will work.)
20ml brandy per person

1. Heat the broth until it's piping hot, boiling even, but don't reduce it too much.

2. Serve in a heated bowl with 20ml (about 1/2 of a shot glass) of brandy on the side to pour in as desired.

That's it… Simple as that, but incredibly delicious. It's funny how the simplest things stick with you sometimes and whenever I eat this, I'm instantly transported to the Engadin Valley, one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. Enjoy and stay warm!

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