Tuesday, January 13, 2015

An Eco-Chic Way to Enjoy Cashmere

Boots - Clarks / Hat - Gap / Ring - Vintage

There are few things better for a modern girl livin in a digital world than a fabulous pair of cashmere fingerless gloves. I mean, we need our fingers free for Instagramming and Tweeting and those tech-friendly gloves that seem to be everywhere now never work out as well as expected. If you can believe it, I've found something even better… Turtle Doves Wrist Warmers from Nomads are made from 100% recycled cashmere which comes from upcycled jumpers. Skeptical at first, I knew I had to try these and they are great! Super soft and stylish, these fingerless gloves feature a fabulous little cuff around the bottom of the fingers and they're perfect for keeping warm without sacrificing a moment of valuable iPhone time.

Eco-chic, completely adorable and most importantly, toasty warm… What's not to love? Turtle Doves Cashmere Fingerless Gloves are currently available in three colors including grey (pictured at left), navy blue and black. Each pair is just £20 and can be found at Nomads, an online shopping destination for Fair Trade and organic clothing & accessories. Chic, affordable and functional, Turtle Doves gloves are a great way to enjoy a lush bit of cashmere without feeling one bit guilty. 

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