Saturday, January 17, 2015

Color Wow Speed Dry - A Gift for Busy Beauties

No matter how hard we try, not every blow dry can be done by a professional, even with the ever-growing list of mass market dry bars popping up all over… Sometimes we are saddled with stepping up to the task ourselves, no matter how much we hate it. Personally, I love having long hair, but I got so tired of blow drying last year that I eventually took the plunge and opted for the oh-so-popular bob to save time on blow dries and get my hair in shape. Now that my hair is getting longer, I dread pulling out the blow drier… The threat of arm pain from awkwardly wielding a heavy round brush over my head usually results in hair that's nice & smooth in front and straggly in the back from simply giving up the good fight.

Luckily the fabulous folks at Color Wow know this all too well. If you feel the same, you simply must try Color Wow Speed Dry Blow Dry Spray… It's a busy girl's best friend for getting freshly washed hair dried and ready to be styled in record time. Perfect for early mornings and people with thick, long hair, Speed Dry has already saved me so much valuable time and I've only been using it for a few weeks.

In addition to speeding things along, Speed Dry also uses the heat of the blow drier to create a protective, shiny seal on color-treated hair, trapping in moisture all the while minimizing exposure to the heat, preventing both damage and color fading. It's also worth pointing out that the formula is completely alcohol-free. It sounds too good to be true, but it's not.

Color Wow Speed Dry is truly a hero product, saving busy girls' time and is available online via Color Wow, Feel Unique and Net-A-Porter.


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