Friday, January 23, 2015

Skincare While You Sleep - Caudalíe Paris Vinosource Overnight Recovery Oil

Skincare is hard, especially for (lazy) busy girls! It just always feels like there's never enough time or effort and if you're like me, you think… I'll just sleep in my make-up this one time and it's fine. or It won't really matter if I skip my night cream tonight - I'll put on extra tomorrow (read never). I've been using Caudalíe Paris Vinosource Overnight Recovery Oil for a few weeks and despite the fact that it's an amazing product, what I love most about it is that it inspires me to sort out my skincare regime at night. Knowing that it's working hard while I sleep is that extra little incentive I need to take off my make-up from the day and slosh on a bit of product. The fact that it has the faint scent of a rose garden doesn't hurt either!

Since using Overnight Recovery Oil, I no longer wake up with the sense of dread I use to have upon looking at my dry, scaly skin in the morning and rushing to apply as much serum as possible to combat my winter flaky face problem. It's suggested to apply 6 drops each evening avoiding the eye area, either alone or before night cream, but I'll admit that my skin is often so dry, it soaks up too much product, so I typically use about 8 or 10 drops. I've used this product with or without moisturizer on top and while it's better with a night cream, it excels just fine on its own when I'm too busy or sleepy to bother with multiple steps. Convenience is everything these days...

Caudalíe Overnight Recovery Oil combines six 100% natural oils that go deep into the epidermis to repair damage and soothe sensitive skin. Thanks to this miracle product, I not only look forward to going to bed with a clean, moisturized face… I also wake up with one that's radiant and fresh. Game changer!

Vinosource Overnight Recovery Oil retails for £26.00 and is available via Caudalíe Paris.

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  1. This is perfect because I am one of those lazy sorry busy girls, a great price that will suit most pockets. i am going to give it a go


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