Friday, January 30, 2015

Soupe du Jour Proper Soups

It's not every day that my friends ask me what I'm up to and I can reply with, I'm going soup tasting but recently that's just what I did. Nestled in Soho is a lovely little eatery called Soupe du Jour Proper Soups and it's one of my new favorite lunch spots to visit when I'm in the city!

Soupe du Jour puts to rest the idea that soup is a starter or a snack and offers up delicious ways to enjoy healthy soup as a full, satisfying meal. All of the produce used in the food comes from farms and suppliers known and trusted by the owners from the veggies used in the soups to the hand-made German breads served alongside them.
n board ensuring we provide a lunch break to remember.
Tomato Soup with a selection of hand-made German breads

When I visited Soupe du Jour in Soho I was warmly greeted by the manager Suse whose enthusiasm for soup, food and the customers in the shop is infectious. You can tell she really believes in what she's doing and it shows in the seamless running of this little gem of a restaurant on Lexington Street. Suse was a wealth of information, showing me all of the soups and options and talking me through the menu. All of the soups at Soupe du Jour are gluten-free and they also offer a gluten-free bread option. Additionally, unless otherwise noted, all of the soups are all dairy free and some are Vegan, so there's something for pretty much everyone, no matter what dietary requirements they may have. As far as sweeteners go, Soup du Jour forgoes sugar for natural sweeteners like honey and agave.

In addition to the five classic soups that are always on offer at Soupe du Jour, they also have what they call Favourites, which are 2 other soups voted for each month by the customers and every day, there is of course a Soupe du Jour!

In keeping with the natural, environmental feel of the place, Soupe du Jour also offers its customers the opportunity to bring back their take away boxes for recycling… It doesn't get much more eco-chic than that!

I decided I would taste three of the soups. I started with The Tomato, topped with parsley & parmesan crisps. It was so amazing - the nicest tomato soup I've ever had! I thought it might be difficult to top, however after tasting the Chili, I had to literally eat my words. Spicy and flavorful with lovely bits of corn, beef and kidney beans, the Chili was my absolute favorite. I finally tried the Chicken and it was also lovely - a clear, tasty broth with celery, carrots and soft, tender bits of chicken. Each of the soups was lovely and offered a completely different flavor.

Soupe du Jour isn't just for lunch breaks… The also offer catering and if you're further East, you're in luck as they've recently opened a branch at 38 Houndsditch.

Soupe du Jour delivers orders over £20 with an advanced notice of two hours or more. Alternatively you can order Soupe du Jour via Seamless or Deliveroo. That said, it's well worth visiting the Soho location for its healthy, natural vibe and friendly staff. You can also scope out the soups before you order and be properly tempted by the gorgeous sights and smells of delicious, healthy food!

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