Friday, February 6, 2015

GOSH Cosmetics Xtreme Liquid Gel Eye Liner in Bronze

I haven't really worn much in the way of eye liner for a few years. I tend to use a dark eyeshadow to line my lids, however I do opt for the occasional pencil liner. A few years ago though, I couldn't be caught dead without my trusty liquid eye liner - I loved it and wore it daily.

I've just been introduced to the new GOSH Cosmetics Xtreme Liquid Gel Eye Liner which promises to last for ages and stay put. Xtreme liners come in a multitude of colors, so I decided to start with my go-to eyeliner of choice, a trusty brown shade.

GOSH Xtreme Liquid Gel Eye Liner is pretty easy to apply and looks great. If you make a little mistake, I found it's easiest to correct it with a cotton swab dipped in eye make-up remover as it dries quickly and doesn't budge. It's perfect for getting the cat eye look and it really does last all day. 

Bronze is the perfect shade of gold tinted brown, which I love for making my blue eyes even bluer. Affordable, gorgeous and simple to use, you can't beat this new high street beauty bargain! GOSH Cosmetics Xtreme Liquid Gel Liner is not currently available online, however you can find your nearest Superdrug that sells it here. 


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