Friday, February 13, 2015

That Time I Took Anna Kendrick's Beauty Advice

Wilkinson Sword Intuition Sensitive Razor - £6.49
"If you're not using Intuition razors, you're wasting everybody's time..." - Anna Kendrick

I read this article on Refinery29 at the beginning of this year and being a sucker for a great beauty recommendation, I decided to test out Anna Kendrick's suggestion. Previously, I've scoffed at any razor that claims to have built-in shaving cream or soap - they don't look like they'll work and I always assumed it was a gimmick to sell more product. That said, I popped down to Boots one Saturday to pick up a Wilkinson Sword Intuition Sensitive Natural Razor and I haven't looked back. To my surprise, it was cheaper than the razor brand I'd been using since university which made it all the more tempting!

The intuition razor blade comes in a cartridge that's quite large compared to others because the blade sits surrounded by what looks like a small bar of soap with a hole in the middle. The razor blade itself pivots, recesses and wiggle around, which allows it to sink into the soap as it starts to erode for better lather. It sounds like these features might make the Intuition ineffective, but it's quite the contrary actually… This razor really works!

I have always hated lathering shower or shave gel on my legs only to have it get washed away in the shower before I shave the area. With this razor, that's not an issue. I also don't get any razor burn or irritation and the Intuition is so convenient to use and travel with. I'm actually shaving my legs more often, so in short - it's a miracle. The only downside is that the lather can be a bit drying, but I've found that with a bit of body butter afterwards, it's not at all a problem. Well played Anna Kendrick - thanks for the recommendation!

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