Friday, March 27, 2015

A Visit to Poole Quay & Old Town in Pictures

Poole Quay sits right on the waterside and combined with the Old Town area of Poole is like stepping back in time to a bustling seafront postcard from days gone by. Historic pubs sit alongside shops new and old, museums, amusements and quirky pottery shops complete with lovely sit-down restaurants and street food stalls. There's plenty to see and do and it's well worth a visit if you're in the area.

Among the attractions to visit are the first ever Lush shop, a haunted pub, an amusements arcade, Poole Pottery where you can paint your own pot if you like or watch potters create masterpieces, Purbeck Pottery and Truly Scrumptious, an old-fashioned sweet shop that sells plenty of tempting sweets as well as a wide selection of American candies. Additionally, the high street starts on the quay, so you can easily walk along and try out the local shops, coffee shops and take a trip to Dolphin Shopping Centre. To be honest, the shopping isn't great if you've come from London, but it makes for a nice & easy stroll. Further down the quay you can wonder into the Old Town area and see some beautiful old buildings, a gorgeous church and a few interesting historical homes. Make your way back down to the waterfront for a good gander at some incredible super yachts. If you have time, you can't go wrong with a pizza at Da Vinci's or pop into the King Charles for a coffee or a pint and see if the ghosts appear. All in, Poole Quay is a lovely place to spend a few hours for a good walk, yummy food and a bit of history. It's quirky, scenic and a nice change from the fast pace of city life.


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