Thursday, March 19, 2015

London Style Guide: Eat, Sleep, Shop by Saska Graville

London Style Guide by Saska Graville ℅ Murdoch Books

Whether you're a Londoner or a visitor, London Style Guide is a book you want to get your hands on. Author Saska Graville, Deputy Editor at Red Magazine, has her finger on the pulse here in London and this book makes it possible for all of us to be in the know too. Though I've lived in London for nearly 5 years, there are tons of spots in London Style Guide that I've neither visited nor heard of and I look forward to visiting as many of them as possible in the coming year. From where to find the best vintage home wares to pubs with incredible Scotch eggs, there are plenty of exciting things to see in this beautiful city without suffering the usual tourist traps.

London Style Guide is broken down by area, featuring the best to see, buy and eat in each little corner of the city. Each suggestion is fully explained, some with background stories, quirky little anecdotes, menu suggestions or tips on how to maximize the experience. Additionally, there are interviews with local tastemakers such as Brix Smith Start or the restauranteur behind Polpo, Russell Norman. Each interviewee shares their favourite places to visit in London for drinks, inspiration, food and more, which gives this book a more human vibe than most city guides I've seen before. 

There's no denying that London is massive and sprawling even more every day. With the incredibly high & ever-rising cost of rents in the central areas of the city, little hotspots & small businesses are making appearances further and further away from the heart of the city, not only accommodating their budgets, but also the growing communities in new hip & trendy areas of London. While the expansion is exciting, it makes it nearly impossible to keep up with what's new. Personally, I love how London Style Guide breaks it down and makes easy work of finding something great and new to discover, whether it's your first time in London or your 100th visit. For us locals, it's a fantastic resource… I will never again have to struggle with finding a restaurant near a friend's hotel when visitors come to town and I now have a cure for my impatience with shopping in the same old stores all the time. I'll just consult this handy volume and be happy knowing my options are vast and exciting.

As I said above, I'm taking some inspiration from this fabulous book and will be visiting some of the wonderful places featured in London Style Guide - I can't wait to enjoy the little hidden gems dotted around the city! If you spend any time at all in London or are planning a trip soon, I highly recommend picking up a copy of London Style Guide. It's a fun, quick read and you'll be spoiled for choice in terms of things to do and see. I dare you not to want to visit every single place mentioned… They're all so amazing and incredibly hard to resist.

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