Saturday, April 18, 2015

Breakfast Club

My husband and I recently started waking up quite early so that we can have a nice breakfast and a bit of downtime before the day begins rather than rushing to shower and run for the train every morning. It's been a bit of an adjustment as crankiness ensues and bedtimes are now earlier than before, however I can say that for the most part, it has drastically improved the quality of our days. Just a few minutes of leisure before the rat race makes all the difference.

The one thing that's been missing from our routine is stimulation. The news, while very informative can be quite jarring first thing in the morning so I've decided that what we need is a nice playlist, something relaxing that will ease us into the day, but with a little oomph to wake us up and get us moving. I've heard wonderful things about listening to classical music in the morning and when I started making this playlist, that's what I was after, but something about it just didn't feel quite right. Classical music can be a bit dramatic for the early morning as well. Then I stumbled across some bossa nova type songs and I think they're perfect. Smooth, light and still a little peppy. So that's what this playlist is all about… It's a little jazzy, a little light and very enjoyable for starting the day off right. Best served with hot coffee, cold OJ and some bacon & eggs!

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