Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Candle Crush - A Beautiful Candle From the Most Unlikely of Places

Essential Waitrose Peony and Blush Pear Candle - £2.50
I was waiting for my husband to grab something in another aisle one day in our local Waitrose. To pass the time, I of course started sniffing all the candles. I didn't have any intentions of buying anything - I was just sort of window shopping, but then I smelled the Essential Waitrose Peony and Blush Pear Candle and fell in love. It has a sweet floral scent that's perfect for Spring & Summer and it's a pretty, plain, white candle in a glass jar, so it doesn't interfere with any decor. I love the look of these candles on my mantle and they spread a beautiful aroma throughout my flat. I've had several compliments from guests about them and I'm sure they had no idea that these delightful candles come from the cleaning aisle of my local grocery store and cost only £2.50 each. While of course I love a really nice designer candle, I stock up on these regularly when I do my grocery shopping because you never know when you'll run out of candles and they're the perfect substitute.

What's better is that Essential Waitrose Peony and Blush Pear Candles burn a good, long time. They burn clean and there's no smoke or black residue. Even when I don't use these candles elsewhere in my flat (I do like to switch it up), I almost always have them in my bathroom. These are the perfect bathroom candles!

Do you have any bargain candle crushes that you just love? Please leave comments with suggestions below and I'll try to check them out!

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