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Film Review - Listen Up Philip

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Get excited for the latest film by Alex Ross Perry (The Color Wheel) coming out in theaters on June 5, 2015 in the UK and Ireland! Listen Up Philip features a fantastic ensemble cast including Jason Schwartzman (The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Darjeeling Limited), Elizabeth Moss (Mad Men, On the Road), Krysten Ritter (Big Eyes, Gilmore Girls) and Jonathan Pryce (Evita, Wolf Hall) and is a comedy about New Yorkers struggling with finding individuality without isolation. Narrated by Eric Bogosian (Deconstructing Harry, Delores Claiborne), this film is packed with witty, snappy dialogue, interesting characters and an almost Woody Allen-like look at living in New York City.

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Listen Up Philip follows Philip played by Jason Schwartzman, an author whose first novel was a huge success and his second novel's release is pending. Ashley, played by Elizabeth Moss, is Philip's girlfriend, a photographer that he lives with. As Philip's career begins to take a downward spiral, Ashley's career starts to soar, causing the relationship to suffer and sparks a new adventure for the author. Mentored by a veteran author, played by Jonathan Pryce, Philip embarks on a new path including a stint in the country and ultimately a job as a professor at small university in Upstate New York.

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This is exactly the type of film you'd expect to see Jason Scwartzman in and he portrays the neurotic, self-centered author perfectly. The cast is brilliant and perfectly chosen, the dialogue is funny and unique and the story, while a little slow at times, is interesting, heartwarming and comical. If you've ever lived in New York, you'll recognize the characters in the film as easily as you might recognize the characters in any of Woody Allen's films as fictional doppelgängers of real people you've known in your life. I felt nostalgic for my time in NYC as I watched this film… Everything from the costumes to the soundtrack was, for lack of better words, so New York. The film captured the contrast between the vibes of the city, the country and upstate academia beautifully, which in my opinion is no easy task.

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If quick-witted scripts are your thing, you consider yourself a fan of Woody Allen movies, you love Jason Schwartzman or you're a sucker for New York City, then this is definitely a film for you! I'd certainly recommend Listen Up Philip as a date night movie - there will be plenty to chat about over drinks afterwards. I personally loved the film - I found it endearing, charming and dare I say, intellectual, at least more-so than the usual slapstick comedies being shoved down our throats in the multiplexes these days. It's a fun movie with rich, round characters and a unique, timely look at life, relationships and the endless pursuit of redemption.

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