Thursday, April 9, 2015

Painting a Spoon Rest at Poole Pottery

A potter in the studio...

Upon announcing my plans for a trip to Poole, a very good friend and fellow blogger Charlie, of Charlie Distracted proclaimed that I simply must visit Poole Pottery. Always good for a recommendation, I decided to follow her lead and venture to the place where I too could paint my very own piece of pottery.

My husband painting his plate...

Inside the treasure trove that is Poole Pottery, full of every cooking thing and tableware item you could ever fancy, there's a studio where people of all ages can pick a piece to make their own. The pieces range in price with most around the £10 or £20 mark and there's a choice between pieces that are finished in 30 minutes and those that must be glazed and kiln fired, which require a few days. No worries if you're not hanging around… For £8, they'll ship your first piece to you in the UK and it's only £2 for any additional pieces. To give you an idea, my husband painted a small plate and I painted a spoon rest. We had them both shipped as well and our total was £28 - totally worth it for a good old fashioned hour of fun and a keepsake from our trip.

A masterpiece in progress...
All the paints are provided along with aprons if you prefer, plenty of paper towels, water for cleaning brushes, palettes and a selection of brushes… All you need to bring with you is your creativity.

The finished product...
The pieces are quite pastel when you paint them, yet after the glazing and kiln firing, they get darker and/or brighter. When I finished painting my piece it was a light, periwinkle blue, but it actually finished as a dark navy blue. I was aiming for something that had an Anthropologie feel to it and though I don't think they'll be knocking down my door anytime soon to offer me a job as a spoon rest painter, I'm very pleased with the finished product. This little work of art currently resides on my stovetop and goes beautifully with my other kitchen goodies.

Signed by the artist...
Of course, no artwork would be complete without a signature from the artist… As long as I don't break my spoon rest, I'll have this lovely little reminder of my trip to Poole for years to come.

Poole Pottery is located on Poole Quay. For more information about visiting to to shop the selection of Poole Pottery available online, visit the website by clicking here.

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  1. Yay! I'm so glad you went, I knew you'd love it!


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