Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Candle Crush - Inspiring Aromatherapy

Aromaworks Candle
Inspire Candle ℅ Aromaworks
I was recently introduced to Aromaworks, a brand that is working hard to keep things natural when it comes to home fragrance and aromatherapy beauty products. Beautiful scents, essential oils and pure luxury is the name of the game… These products are pure treats for anyone who is lucky enough to enjoy them!

Appropriate for a gal who spends her days writing and creating, I'm currently in love with the Inspire candle. Black pepper, juniper berry, lime and geranium give this gorgeous candle a slightly spicy scent that is relaxing, calming and uplifting. Aromaworks candles are made using 100% pure essential oils and the high quality is incredible. Nothing disappoints me more than a candle that costs a fortune and won't burn properly, smokes or even worse, bursts in the glass. The AromaWorks candle burns beautifully and without overpowering, lightly veils a room with its beautiful scent. Inspire features a blend of seven essential oils aimed at combatting mental fatigue, soothing the mind, dissolving anxiety and inducing calm. This is my new favorite candle and I use it for winding down in the evenings while watching a bit of television, relaxing in a hot bath or even when I just want to fragrance a room a little bit before guests arrive. Inspire is the perfect all-around candle that's great for almost any room in the house and a lovely gift for anyone who scented enjoys candles, aromatherapy or is on an oh-so-trendy mission to mindfulness. The Inspire candle is available in three different sizes ranging in price from £15 to £43 and is available online via Aromaworks.


  1. Love me a black pepper based scent :)

  2. Hi, This post is very informative post. Aromatherapy is very useful post. Thank you for your nice sharing. Candle crush is very nice theme for aromatherapy.


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