Thursday, June 11, 2015

Sandcastles by Tim Neve

Sandcastles by Tim Neve ℅ Murdoch Books
Though I've mostly lived in big cities for the past several years (Miami, New York & London), I've always appreciated what a bit of decor inspiration from either the seaside or the country can do for creating a comfy oasis at home, regardless of the urban surroundings. Though I'll be the first to admit that a full-on nautical theme in a London flat might be a bit overboard, I love a few accents here and there and a cooler color scheme for creating the perfect relaxing environment. With all the harsh sounds, colors and pavement in the city, a softer touch at home is always welcome, at least for me.

Sandcastles is a beautiful book by interiors stylist Tim Neve. Exploring a variety of themes inspired by coastal living in a number of gorgeous homes, this book is full of wonderful ideas both big and small that can easily be translated into anyone's home to add a touch of nautical style. From traditional to bohemian, each theme expresses a different personality of the sea using interesting items the add depth and usability to every room.

I sat down and read Sandcastles in just a couple of hours, but I could spend days if not weeks pouring over the gorgeous photos inside. Though the interiors in the book are rather dramatic for any home that's not seaside, it seems like each page sparks a tiny idea that would be suitable for a home that's located just about anywhere. From tips on how to get that rustic look that's all the rage these days to the suggestion of a simple white washing of an old piece of furniture, there's no need to feel an affinity for the high seas to get good use out of this book. I just know that I'll be going back to Sandcastles again and again for ideas and inspiration for everything from room renovations to simple DIY craft ideas. Sandcastles is a truly a stunning book and a must-have for anyone who's a design junkie or needs a beautiful coffee table book to display in their summer beach house!

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