Thursday, July 9, 2015

Beauty Picks - 6 New Favorites

I'm always inspired in the summer to up my beauty routine game a bit before the Autumn starts and I find myself trying out lots of new products. Some I love, some I hate, but it's always fun to experiment and try new things, especially when I find something that makes a nice new addition to my routine. These are just a few new products I'm loving right now…

  1. One Minute Transformation Styling Cream ℅ Color Wow - Don't you hate it when your blow dry doesn't stay smooth because of the weather, when you're forced to dry your hair even though it's 100 degrees outside just to combat the frizz or when you have that one section of hair that just won't behave? That's what this product was made for! One Minute Transformation Styling Cream by Color Wow can be applied to dry hair to improve styling with just your hands or a flat brush, though for a more professional look you can use it with a round brush & hair dryer for 15 seconds per section… I'm currently using this product to bypass lengthy blow drying while it's hot and it's making my life so much easier right now!
  2. Super Toning Body Oil ℅ Balance Me - Perfect for taming bingo wings, this oil is meant for toning up one's wobbly bits, but for me it's also a relaxing treat to the senses. I like to slather this on before bed for an extra relaxing night's sleep and if it's also toning my jiggles, then all the better!
  3. Hydra Moisturising Cream ℅ Casmara - The last thing anyone wants during the summer is a heavy moisturizer. Between sweat and make-up, our skin doesn't need anymore gunk hanging around. For a light moisturizer that still does the job, I'm currently loving Hydrating Moisturising Cream by Casmara. It's so light that you'd hardly know it was there, but keeps skin super hydrated. You can currently find this and other Casmara products in select Boots stores.
  4. Dry Spray in Light Blonde ℅ Bouffe - There are few things more challenging than trying to get great volume in your hair when it's hot, sweaty and falling limp from the weather. With Bouffe this is a non-issue. This product is serious though - you only need a little to go a long way and don't expect to run your fingers through it afterwards. I love this especially for ensuring epic volume in up do's for weddings or fabulous summer soirees, but it's also great for giving everyday chic summer ponytails a little oomph!
  5. Rejuvenate Face Serum Oil ℅ AromaWorks - Infused with essential oils, this gorgeous serum oil is my new favorite skincare product. It smells incredible and feels gorgeous on the skin. For me, it's really helping to curb the dryness and congestion I normally associate with the summer months. 
  6. Banana Balm 3-in-1 ℅ Lanolips - Before you say you don't like banana flavored lip balms, let me tell you that I couldn't agree more… That said, this fabulous new balm from Lanolips doesn't have a strong flavor, so it's worth checking it out even if you're not keen on banana flavors. I love this balm and it really helps keep lips nice & smooth, ready for summer smooches!


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