Monday, July 13, 2015

Introducing Bagsy Beauty

Pretty Cheeks, Lip Cocoon, Lip Velvet & Ray of Sunshine ℅ Bagsy
Bagsy is a new British brand making cosmetics that are designed to fit perfectly in your handbag. How many times have you had an event and had to decide between taking your lip colour or taking your phone because both won't fit in your clutch? Well thanks to Bagsy you don't have to choose anymore! These tiny products are also perfectly sized for travel, making them the ultimate pretty girl's convenience.

I've tried out all of these products and I can't say enough about how great they are! The colors are very wearable and can be used either subtly for a natural look or more heavily for a more dramatic make-up look. They're adorably packaged, making them perfect for gifting and to be honest, I think these products would be perfect make-up options for young girls who are starting to wear cosmetics for the first time. They're small, easy to apply, adorably packaged and not too flashy. I'd definitely recommend picking up a few Bagsy products for yourself and perhaps stashing a few away for gifts and stocking stuffers come Christmastime!

These Bagsy products and more are available online via

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