Sunday, July 19, 2015

Letter From the Editor

Welcome to the new & improved Pink Julep! You may notice a slightly different layout and I encourage you to explore the drop down menus above for new categories. I'm really excited about the changes here on Pink Julep including more delicious recipes, more home & interiors inspiration, tips from my kitchen, entertaining ideas and an inside look at my adventures outside the kitchen. In addition, be on the lookout for a new DIY segment on the blog under Crafty where I'll be sharing some simple things you can make at home, upcycling ideas and more.

Historically, Pink Julep has been a lifestyle blog with a fashion & beauty focus. As my interests have changed, I feel that the focus of Pink Julep must also evolve, so going forward this blog's emphasis will be more heavily on food & lifestyle.  These have been my passions for the past several years and I look forward to implementing them more into Pink Julep. I of course will always love playing with make-up, shopping and following the ever-changing trends of the fashion industry, but it's simply not my focus anymore and sometimes it's great to dive into something new. If you've been reading Pink Julep specifically for style & beauty content, I hope you'll stick around for what's new to come, however I understand if it's not for you and thank you for reading as long as you have. If you love food & cooking, crafts, home interiors, entertaining, dining out and travel, then you're in the right place so stick around!

We're working very hard here (no, I don't have a massive staff of interns or assistants - just a wonderfully helpful husband and some rather dedicated friends) to grow Pink Julep's offering which will hopefully include video in the near future as well as some other exciting ideas that I can't share just yet so watch this space. As always, if you have any special requests for something you'd like to see here, a suggestion for content on Pink Julep or if you're working on a project that might be of interest, please leave a comment here, on Instagram at @pinkjulep, or alternatively you can email me directly at I'm really excited for what lies ahead and hope you'll come along on this new, exciting journey with me!



  1. Congrats on this step forward! My blog has really started to change direction too and I'm worried that my followers might not like it but I guess you gotta do what you believe is right for you!
    Hope to see some new content soon :)

    Laura @ What's Hot?

    1. Hi Laura,

      Thanks for your comment! As my granny used to say, "the only constant in this life is change." I firmly believe that if you are passionate and excited about what you're sharing on your blog, you'll attract like-minded readers who are just as excited and passionate about your topics. Wishing you all the best with the changes on your end and hope you like the new content here on Pink Julep!

      Ashley xx

  2. Looks great! Really enjoy reading your blog!

  3. Love your blog! I look forward to seeing what additional exciting things you have planned. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to helping others!!

    1. Thank you so much for your very kind comment Tammy - you are so sweet! Your support means a lot and I hope you'll continue to enjoy Pink Julep as it grows and changes! xx


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