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Cocktails & Nibbles at No. 11 Pimlico Road

The Prescription Julep
If you find yourself in the Belgravia area of London gasping for a drink or hungry for some great pub food, I highly recommend a stop at No. 11 Pimlico Road, a fun bar & restaurant that serves up an interesting menu of crowd-pleasing food & drinks in a vibrant space on Pimlico Road.

Bartender mixing up a Bourbon Blazer for me...
Just a short walk from the Sloane Square tube station, No. 11 Pimlico Road is a perfect place to rest your weary feet after a long day of shopping on Kings Road. Upstairs, you'll find a quiet, relaxing dining room that's absolutely lovely for a low-key dinner, however downstairs you'll find a hip, buzzing bar with a fun atmosphere, perfect for after-work drinks, dinner with friends or just catching up over a few fabulous sharing plates.

The Bourbon Blazer
It would be a shame to visit No. 11 Pimlico Road without trying some of their delicious cocktails. The list boasts everything from a traditional Aperol Spritz to more modern versions of classic tipples like juleps, mojitos & martinis. It's difficult to make a choice if I'm being honest… They all look so amazing! In the end we settled on a strategy of cocktail tasting, starting first with a Prescription Julep (for obvious reasons) and a Bourbon Blazer (how could a Kentucky girl not try the bourbon cocktail?) followed by the Martini No. 11 and my go-to cocktail of choice, Espresso Martini. Each cocktail was more delicious than the one before and I'd highly recommend them all.

The Prescription Julep
While the Bourbon Blazer was a hot spicy drink, perfect for cold weather evenings the Prescription Julep was served appropriately in a traditional silver julep cup, piled high with crushed ice and mint.

Both were incredible, though the star of the show was the No. 11 Martini, featuring Tanqueray Gin alongside 11 special ingredients. It tastes so smooth you could easily drink one too many. The Espresso Martini was just as it should be - deliciously smooth, just sweet enough and nicely caffeinated!

Charcuterie Board & Mini Honey Sausages
Typically, pub nibbles makes me cringe… It's not that I'm a snob, but I haven't had many great experiences. I shudder at the thought of overly greasy, chunky chips that are undercooked and fish sticks that are mushy with uncooked batter. It's refreshing to find a place that serves sharing plates I'm actually excited to eat and the nibbles I tasted at No. 11 Pimlico were just as good as I hoped they'd be when I spotted them on the menu.

Crispy Peppered Squid
We ordered the Mini Honey Sausages, Creamy Ricotta Fritters, Crispy Peppered Squid and a Charcuterie Board. Each dish was distinctly tasty and the portions are really great value for money! 4 sharing plates are perfect for 2 hungry people or 4 moderately peckish people to enjoy. My husband and I were quite full and satisfied with the amount of food - in fact, we couldn't quite finish it all. The glaze on the Mini Honey Sausages was perfectly sticky sweet and the Charcuterie Board was jam-packed full of lovely artisan breads, succulent cured meats and vanilla poached figs. For me, the favorite was the Creamy Ricotta Fritters - they were crispy on the outside and deliciously creamy and cheesy on the inside. My husband's favorite was the Crispy Peppered Squid. 

I definitely recommend visiting No. 11 Pimlico Road for drinks or a meal - you won't be disappointed! Reservations are recommended - as you can imagine, a place so great gets quite busy. On the weekends, brunch is an option and I look forward to trying that out soon. In the meantime, I'll be daydreaming about the Creamy Ricotta Fritters… 

For more information about No. 11 Pimlico Road or to book a reservation, visit no11pimlicoroad.co.uk

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