Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Charles Farris Sweet Elixir Reed Diffuser

Sweet Elixir Scented Reed Diffuser ℅ Charles Farris Chandlers
A reed diffuser can be a lifesaver… It doesn't require much in the way of maintenance and it does a very important job of scenting the home. No lighting or matches required and no danger of forgetting to blow out the flame makes them even more attractive during busy times of the year when schedules are packed and visitors are certain and sometimes unexpected.

Though I love candles in my living room for the coziness they offer, I am a big fan of a reed diffuser for the bedroom or bathroom to keep things smelling nice. The Charles Farris Sweet Elixir Reed Diffuser offers delightful aromas of mimosa, bergamot and British honey which are just lovely. The Sweet Elixir Reed Diffuser is £32, lasts 8-10 weeks and is available online via Charles Farris Chandlers

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