Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Brunch at The Dynamo - Cyclist Cafe Culture

The Dynamo on Putney Bridge Road
As a former New Yorker, I'm a big fan of brunch... It's one of my favorite things to do on the weekends whether it's alone, with my husband or a time to catch up with friends. When I first moved to Putney over 5 years ago, I often complained that there weren't enough places in the neighborhood for a good breakfast or brunch. Sure, there's an English breakfast or a Sunday roast at nearly every pub, but it's not quite the same. Five years later, it feels like I blinked and loads of wonderful places popped up. London is growing and changing almost faster than I can keep up with it, but I am not complaining. My most recent brunch adventures have been at a new cafe in Putney called The Dynamo.

Bicycle Racks

The Dynamo is all about cycling, offering racks for cyclists to stash their bikes. They even sell inner-tubes and snacks for the road like energy balls and Cliff Bars. Though it's not an exclusive cyclist cafe (I'm no cyclist for sure), you'll see a fair amount of riders decked out in their spandex and helmets, ready to hit the open road after refueling at The Dynamo.

The air pump... 
Additionally, there's even a bicycle pump for topping up flat tires... Isn't that adorable? Later this spring The Dynamo will open a workshop for bike repairs... Imagine that - you can have your bike doctored up while you nosh on pizza or breakfast!

Flat White
I've now been to The Dynamo twice and it's a very affordable option for Southwest Londoners who brunch. Offering a wide range of breakfast and brunch options from granola to eggs and hash, the coffee is hot, the bloody mary's are cold and the food is delicious. Breakfast is served until 3pm, which is great on weekends. I for one struggle to cook breakfast on the weekends because I'm tired and hungry when I wake up, so I love a great place to refuel while I read or have a chat.

The Eggs Eddy
Freshly made juices and a bar are also on offer. I also spied a selection of what looked like craft beers among the usual suspects. In the afternoon, one might opt for the wide variety of pizzas, salads and other Italian treats on offer. I'll be honest, no matter what time of day, I struggle with choosing between pizza or eggs... Yum!

Eggs on Toast with a side of Haloumi
I've tried the pizza and while it was delicious, I must say that the brunch dishes have my heart. Perfectly cooked poached eggs with perfectly colored yolks on sourdough toast is just what I want on a Saturday or Sunday morning and a grilled side of haloumi is the perfect, salty complement. I'll definitely be heading back to The Dynamo for more brunches in the future and I look forward to taking advantage of the outdoor seating when it gets warmer. It's my new favorite weekend treat!

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