Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Beauty Edit - February 2016

1. Rituals Fortune Scrub in Sweet Orange & Cedar / 2. LIFTACTIV Serum 10 Supreme c/o VICHY
3. Floris London Hand Treatment Cream in Rosa Centifolia / 4. Aromatherapy Associates Relax Massage & Body Oil
February always seems to be the time of year when I really start to feel an obligation to get my skincare routine in check. Christmas is over and January has me settled into other routines by then and I suppose it might be coincidental that my birthday is in early March, so I start to think about age and maintenance. Typically I've been quite lazy about looking after the skin on my whole body, but this year I've decided it's time to make it a priority. From exfoliating to moisturizing, I'm taking my skincare to the next level below the neck. It's something that tends to get lost in the shuffle when I'm busy, but I'm done with excuses on this front and jumping on the bandwagon. That said, I've really taken the opportunity to up my facial skincare game this year as well. No more slapping on whatever cream is closest to the bed in two seconds flat before collapsing into a heap. I've been quite good about having a skin mask at least once a week, using eye cream regularly and employing serums to help my moisturizer work even harder. These are some of the wonderful skincare products I've been using this month and why I love them...

1. For exfoliating, I really love the Rituals Fortune Scrub in Sweet Orange & Cedar. It's not super oily like so many scrubs are, so I don't feel a gross film on my skin after use and it smells really beautiful. Rituals Fortune Scrub is a bargain at just £10.14 and available from House of Fraser

2. The VICHY LIFTACTIV Serum 10 Supreme is a wonderful serum that I love at the moment. Not only does this serum feel soothing to the skin, but I've really seen a difference since I started using it. One of my favorite features is the dropper, which keeps you from contaminating the product in the bottle with your hands. I find that on good days, just one drop will do, but I'll opt for 2 or even 3 drops when I'm feeling especially dry or after a night of indulgence. VICHY LIFTACTIV Serum 10 Supreme is £29.95 and available online here.

3. I am addicted to hand cream these days and I try to apply it as often as possible. I keep little tubes and jars dotted all over my flat to make it easy to apply moisturizer to my hands anytime I need it. I'm currently obsessed with the Floris London Hand Treatment Cream in Rosa Centifolia. Its floral scent is just gorgeous and perfect for Spring! This hand cream has vitamin E and natural oils to keep hands moisturized and help keep aging at bay. Floris Rosa Centifolia Hand Cream is £16.93 and available online here.

4. While I don't exactly have time for regular massages at the spa, I do appreciate the value of a good massage oil. Aromatherapy Associates Relax Massage & Body Oil is one of my favorite products lately. The aromatherapy benefits alone are worth shouting about, but I find it also helps to soften dry skin. I read a book a while ago that touted the positive effects of massage and insisted that even giving yourself a quick hand, foot or leg massage is better than nothing. It helps with circulation, stress relief and all kinds of lovely things. I love massaging this into my feet, knees and elbows to keep them soft while I'm watching TV. When I have time, I'll give myself a calf massage with this oil after a post-gym shower, but when I don't have much time, I'll sometimes just rub a little into my chest before I go to sleep and it really helps me to relax. Aromatherapy Associates Relax Massage & Body Oil is £42.61 and available at Selfridges.

Do you have a skincare product that you can't live without right now? I'm always looking for a good recommendation so leave your suggestions in the comments below.

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