Thursday, February 4, 2016

Proto-col Natural Mineral Cosmetics LED Lip Gloss in Very Cherry

Natural Mineral Cosmetics LED Lip Gloss in Very Cherry c/o Proto-col
There are so many amazing lip glosses on the market these days that I think most of us will agree that we're spoiled for choice. If I let myself, I could have a serious hoarding problem when it comes to lip colors - I like to switch up my look regularly and there are just so many good options available! That said, occasionally a game changer comes along that brings something new to the table and that is the case with the Proto-col LED Lip Gloss

Wearing Proto-col LED Lip Gloss in Very Cherry

Very Cherry is right up my alley when it comes to lip colors. While I love to gloss over a lipstick from time to time, I'm also a major fan of a lip gloss that packs a punch of color on its own. It's just easier and in winter when lips dry out and get chapped, it's easier to wear as well. Proto-col LED Lip Gloss is easy to apply, can be applied lightly or more heavily for a deep color and lasts for ages. Very Cherry started out as a deep, but subtle reddish pink and even after wearing for several hours and eating lunch, I still had a faint blushy color on my pout. For a busy gal that can't reapply every five minutes, this is a necessary luxury.

Enriched with natural mineral oils to keep your kisser soft & moisturized, these glosses feel super lightweight while containing pearl dust for the ultimate glamorous shine. The applicator is perfect, featuring a brush that's just stiff enough to make coloring in the lines quite simple without needing to apply lipliner.

Mirror & LED Light Technology

The real bonus however is the packaging... With a mirror on the side and LED light technology in the lid, Proto-col LED Lip Gloss can literally be applied easily just about anywhere, even in the dark. How cool is that? This is something I never knew I needed until I had it... Isn't that always the way? I have applied this lip gloss with ease inside, outside, on the bus, in the dark... Pretty much everywhere and it's small enough to fit in any clutch, so it's perfect for evenings.

Proto-col Natural Mineral Cosmetics LED Lip Gloss is a bargain at just £11.95 and is available in 9 shades including clear, so there's a color to suit everyone. For more information or to stock up on your own handy dandy LED gloss, visit

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