Friday, February 19, 2016

Working From Home

Leggings Deluxe c/o HotSquash
Although I work from home, I do make an effort most of the time to get dressed... Okay, so there are a some days when the best I can manage is workout clothes or staying in my pajamas all day, but most of the time, I do try to dress for work like anyone else would do in the morning even if I'm not going anywhere. Firstly, it motivates me - I work harder when I'm dressed for the day. I also never know when I might have to run out for something, so it's good to be prepared when possible. That said, I don't have a dress code so I tend to dress quite casual for my days at home.

These great Hotsquash Leggings Deluxe have become a new staple in my work from home wardrobe and they not only fit better than other leggings, but they also keep you warm. I actually wore these about 2 weeks ago for a 10 mile walk with friends through the mud in freezing cold weather and they really work. I stayed toasty warm all day!  I then put them in a 20 minute cold wash and hung them up to dry for about 10 hours before they were ready to go again, no ironing or tumble drying required. For me, it's essential to have things in my closet during winter that keep me warm, look cute and are easy to care for. Who has time for ironing? I certainly don't... 

I also love having something like a poncho or a big cardigan. Being able to just throw something cute on over a pair of jeans or leggings makes it easy to transform a long-sleeve t-shirt into something I feel good about wearing in public.

Leather details...
Poncho: Tahari (similar here) / Thermal Top: Uniqlo Heattech / Leggings: c/o HotSquash
Boots: Sophie & Sam (similar here) / Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren (similar here)
Hair: Ellie Salon

What do you like to wear on days when you're working from home?

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