Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Beauty Edit - June 2016

SPF 30 Natural Mineral Face Sunscreen (c/o Bare Republic Naturals) / Dr. Bronner's Lavender Organic Hand Sanitizer
Manuka Flower Honey Finishing Hair Oil (c/o Palmer's) / Tropical Beauty Drink (c/o Bella Berry)
Fluid Delicate Make-up Remover (c/o Lord & Berry) / Fabulift Fabulous Eyes Ampoules (c/o Fabulift)
Aqua Manda Fragrance Purse Spray (c/o Aqua Manda London)
For this month's Beauty Edit, I've put together a rather varied group of products I've been trying out that are just perfect for summer! Whether you're working in the city during the warmer months or summering somewhere fabulous, these products are just what's needed for hot weather. The bonus is that many of them will even fit in your carry-on allowance when you jet off on your summer holidays!

1. Bare Republic Natural Mineral Sunscreen Face SPF 30 is not your average sun cream. It's a natural, chemical-free mineral sunscreen for the face that's non-whitening, not at all greasy and lightweight. With broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection, no synthetic fragrances and no parabens, this is the cream you want in your bag this summer when you head out for a day in the sun. It doesn't feel like regular sunscreens you're probably used to, so it's not nearly as greasy and it won't slip into your eyes like other formulas. It's also cruelty-free! You'll find it available online in the UK here.

2. I've been using Dr. Bronner's Lavender Organic Hand Sanitizer for quite a while now. I always find it at the register when I'm shopping at Whole Foods. What I love most about this product is its refreshing lavender scent, but it's also good to note that it's Certified Fair Trade and Organic. If you're out and about getting your hands dirty, it's a treat to spray on this lush hand sanitizer as needed, but I also love to spray it on my hands before bed every night for a lavender scented slumber.

3. Palmer's Manuka Flower Honey Finishing Hair Oil is a gift to girls who suffer with frizzy hair or flyaways. It smells absolutely lovely and has a less oily consistency than many other hair oils on the market, so it doesn't leave your hands a greasy mess. This oil is great for taming any stray hairs, moisturizing dry, damaged locks and adding a bit of extra shine. Use it in summer on damp hair before styling or on dry hair as needed to combat humidity-induced frizz.

4. Bella Berry Tropical Beauty Drink is a juice drink that uses vitamins and nutrients to increase beauty from within... As they say, We are what we eat! Pineapple, Lime and Mint flavored, this tropical beauty cocktail is refreshing and delicious. The idea that it can improve looks through its natural active ingredients is a wonderful bonus!

5. I've been using Lord & Berry Fluid Delicate Make-up Remover for a little while now and it's a wonderful product to have around. Not only will it remove your eye make-up, but you can use it all over your face, so it's a lovely product to travel with. It works too!

6. Fabulift Fabulous Eyes Ampoules are a quick fix for ageing, tired eyes and a perfect way to quickly perk up your face before a make-up free day in the sun! This is simply a product that you apply for an instant, non-invasive eye lift that you can wash off at the end of the day.

7. Aqua Manda Fragrance Purse Spray is a great summer fragrance with essentials oils of mandarin, ginger, lavender, patchouly, cinnamon and other aromatic herbs like Eucalyptus, tarragon and juniper berry. It has a hit of spice on top of its primarily mandarin scent and it lingers in a lovely way. Of course it comes in other sizes, but a purse spray is just right for summer when you never know where the day will take you...

What are some of your favorite summer beauty products?

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