Monday, June 6, 2016

Candle Crush - Beating Moths With Total Wardrobe Care

Anti-Moth May Chang Scented Candle (c/o Total Wardrobe Care)
As the (Janet Jackson song) old saying goes, moths are drawn to flames, but Total Wardrobe Care has created a candle that actually repels these cashmere sweater-munching pests. Not only is it effective in keeping the moths away, but it smells amazing too!

Using a blend of essential oils, the May Chang Scented Candle repels moths and protects your wardrobe and bedroom while keeping it fresh and beautifully scented! With 40 hours of burning time, this hand-made natural soya candle is fragranced with 100% organically grown essential oils of may chang, lavender, cedarwood, patchouli, laurel, rosemary and clove. I've been burning this candle in my bedroom and it fills my flat with a beautiful scent, but what's better is that I haven't seen a single moth!

Natural Anti-Moth Hanging Sachet & Scented Moths (c/o Total Wardrobe Care)

In addition to the Anti-Moth May Chang Scented Candle, Total Wardrobe Care offers a variety of products for clothing care, wardrobe storage, anti-moth protection, shoe care and more. Everything from shoe bags to hanger extenders is on offer alongside their extensive range of anti-moth products. The Anti-Moth May Chang Scented Candle is £30 and available online. For more information or to buy, visit


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