Thursday, June 30, 2016

GOSH Forever Lip Shine in Spring Fling

wearing GOSH Forever Lip Shine in Spring Fling
I love my usual red lipsticks more than anything, but lately I've been feeling like I might be in a red rut, so I set out one weekend to find a new shade for Summer. I don't have any big department stores or glamorous beauty counters that are super close to where I live, but I'm not above buying a lippy at the drugstore now and then... In fact, some of my favorites are cheap & cheerful and I love them just as much as the ones I dropped major cash on. My trip to the drugstore proved successful and I came home with the most fabulous bright coral/red lipstick that whisked away my boredom and got me excited about putting on lipstick again!
GOSH Forever Lip Shine in Spring Fling
GOSH Forever Lip Shine in Spring Fling is the perfect lip color for summer. It's bright, cheerful and wears beautifully. I'm a fan of GOSH Forever Lip Shine and I've had pink and red ones that I've been wearing in heavy rotation for probably a year. These fat pencil style lipsticks are easily replenished with just a twist, so no sharpener is required and at just £6.99, they're a bargain, so I never worry about losing one while I'm traveling or dropping it out of my bag by mistake. That said, I almost never see these when they're not on some kind of offer like 3 for 2, so they're even cheaper than expected most of the time. The color is creamy and glossy, glides on easily and lasts a good while. I find I can make these last most of the day with a bit of liner underneath, so they're convenient to wear as well for busy girls that can't run to the powder room every hour. If you like a little lighter color, these sticks can be applied very gently for a faint color, or if you're feeling bold you can layer it on thick for a more dramatic pout. However you decide to wear it, these little sticks are fab!

Staying true to my favorite red pout, but branching out a little is super fun and there's no time to try something new like the summer. A little bit coral with even a touch of pink, I'm definitely going to get some good use out of Spring Fling. I've already worn it at least 5 times since I bought it!

GOSH Forever Lip Shine in Spring Fling retails for £6.99 and is available at Superdrug.


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