Tuesday, July 19, 2016

All Made Up With Nu Colour Advanced Tinted Moisturizer & Finishing Powder

makeup and powder brush
Nu Colour Advanced Tinted Moisturizer / Nu Colour Finishing Powder / Nu Colour Bronzing Brush
(all c/o Nu Skin)
Imagine a product with all the benefits of a CC cream (that's color correcting for those who aren't familiar), but the feel of a tinted moisturizer. Now imagine that this product also has SPF 15, provides a good, lightweight coverage and is formulated with anti-aging ingredients... This is what you're getting in the Nu Colour Advanced Tinted Moisturizer. Just like any other tinted moisturizer, you can simply rub this into your face with your hands or for a bit more coverage, you can apply it with a sponge or beauty blender which is how I like to use it. I find I get a really even coverage that I can layer a bit if I need to and the result is brightened, smooth skin that doesn't feel weighed down with heavy foundation. If a natural, almost sheer coverage is what you're after, you can get that with the Advanced Tinted Moisturizer as well. Available in 4 colors, Nu Colour Advanced Tinted Moisturizer is the perfect, versatile, lightweight option for the warmer months and it's 40ml size makes it perfect for tossing into a carry-on bag when travelling as well. 

Wearing Nu Colour Advanced Tinted Moisturizer in Sand and Nu Colour Finishing Powder
I generally set the Advanced Tinted Moisturizer with Nu Colour Finishing Powder which is a loose powder that comes in only one color, but is suitable for all skin tones. The powder comes with a small puff, but to be honest I'm not a fan. I simply dust this on with a powder brush or the Nu Colour Bronzing Brush for a light application that sets the tinted moisturizer and keeps my skin oil and shine free. 

What makes these Nu Colour products special is that while they're making you look gorgeous and ready for the day, they're working hard underneath to combat skin problems such as aging, skin imperfections, pore size and oil control. It's nice to feel that make-up is working for my skin for a change instead of against it! Another benefit to these products is that I can wear them for hours without feeling that they're there... It's as though I'm make-up free, even when it's hot. I don't feel like my face is melting and getting gooey in the summer sun and though I'd never just rely on the SPF in a tinted moisturizer, that extra factor 15 makes me feel a bit better about days spent outside.


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