Thursday, July 28, 2016

Cocktail Tasting With T.E.A.

tea infused spirits
Cucumber Fizz made with T.E.A. Jasmine Gin
(cocktail tasting c/o T.E.A. Enriched Alcohol)
Cocktails and tea, often mutually exclusive have come together thanks to T.E.A. Enriched Alcohol, a boutique artisan spirits brand that infuses the finest gin and vodka with Earl Grey and jasmine tea. Handcrafted, there are only 120 bottles in each batch. These are not your average spirits. They're so smooth that it's no trouble at all to even enjoy them neat or over ice. I tasted the Jasmine Vodka over ice and there was none of that harsh burn... It was smooth and delicious!

cocktail with dried flowers garnish

I think it's kind of easy to get the wrong idea about these spirits... The tea flavors are subtle. This is not the equivalent of drinking a cup of strong tea with a shot of vodka or gin. Complements to the blenders at T.E.A. for simply using tea to enhance vodka and gin and giving us all something new and exciting to experiment with for cocktail hour, without sacrificing the flavors of either.

cocktails and straws on wooden table

I visited the Urban Tea Rooms, a chic little cocktail bar in Central London where they serve a wide selection of cocktails featuring T.E.A. Enriched Alcohol. Offering everything from an Earl Grey Martini made with either vodka or gin to a Cucumber Gin Fizz, I tasted a fair few cocktails and found that I'm quite fond of these tea-infused spirits for that extra layer of flavor.


Though I loved all the cocktails I sampled, I must say that the Earl Grey Gin Martini was my favorite. The Earl Grey spirits by T.E.A. are beautifully complemented by even the most subtle twist of orange. I was also quite taken with the Earl Grey Negroni - so smooth and lovely!

cocktail with mint and blue & white striped straw

T.E.A. Enriched Alcohol is an  available online at as are a number of cocktail recipes. You can also find T.E.A. Vodka & Gin at Fortnum & Mason. It's the perfect addition to any cocktail cart or bar and is just as lovely in a refreshing summer cocktail as it will be comforting in a more winter warmer style drink as we head into Autumn. 

Cocktail tasting courtesy of T.E.A – Tea Enriched Alcohol: A multi award winning, artisan gin & vodka brand made entirely in the UK, infused by the world’s very best tea leaves. Available to buy online on RRP £23.50 - £39.95

While the cocktail tasting opportunity was provided by T.E.A. Enriched Alcohol, no payment was received for this post. All views are those of Ashley Turner, Editor & Founder of Pink Julep and were in no way influenced by T.E.A. Enriched Alcohol or Urban Tea Rooms.

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