Friday, July 15, 2016

Nu Skin NaPCA Moisturizer

NaPCA Moisturizer (c/o Nu Skin)
Not all moisturizers are created equal and I'm a firm believer that a skincare routine should mimic changes that occur in the skin. Some days are drier than others, weather patterns change, we're exposed to different elements at different times and sometimes we aren't taking care of ourselves as much as we should. Lately, when I feel like my skin needs a boost with an extra drink of moisture, I'm using the Nu Skin NaPCA Moisturizer and it works wonders for tired, weary skin.

The NaPCA Moisturizer has a whipped, almost mouse like feel to it and it feels lovely as it's applied to the skin. I like to use it after a good cleanse or exfoliation following a toner, eye cream and a nice serum, preferably at night, but I've also used it during the day. The lightweight nature of this moisturizer makes it perfect for wearing underneath make-up - it's almost as if it isn't there at all. It's also a nice treat for using after a face mask if I'm having a little girl's night in DIY facial at home.

Made with humectant sodium PCA which helps to protect against dryness by binding moisture to your skin, this gorgeous cream also contains Aloe Vera for further moisturizing and nourishing. Nu Skin NaPCA Moisturizer is perfect for normal to oily skin as well as young skin. I tend to register on the normal to dry side of things and I find it's quite perfect for me too, especially when my skin needs more hydration than usual. Unlike some heavier creams, this lovely moisturizer doesn't give me any breakouts or nasty side effects... It's also practically weightless, so even though it's working, I don't feel like I'm wearing a heavy layer of goop on my face.

Nu Skin NaPCA Moisturizer is £32.56 and available online via Nu Skin. For more information, visit

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