Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Autumn Kitchen Update

bottle stoppers, pie dishes, lemon keeper, tea bag holder, silicone scrubber
1. Country Retreat Teabag Tidy / 2. Bottle Stoppers in Artichoke, Tomato & Aubergine (c/o Charles Viancin)
3. Lemon Saver (c/o Divertimenti) / 4. Stay Clean Scrubber (c/o Kuhn Rikon)  / 5. Poppy Trivet (c/o Charles Viancin)
6. Kitchen Craft Living Nostalgia Enamel Round Pie Dishes / 7. Country Retreat Spoon Rest
I find myself in the mood for some kitchen updates about this time every year... As the end of summer approaches, I start getting excited for Autumn and everything it entails... Cups of tea in cozy sweaters while reading a good book, snuggling up with a blanket to watch a film, cooking delicious dinners for friends & family, spending hours in the kitchen trying out recipes or making up new ones, long walks through the park to see the deer & the changing foliage... It's a magical time of year and I start early with my hoarding, collecting new things that get me excited for Autumn. Here are a few things I've picked up recently that I've already put to use in my kitchen and I know I'll be using all season!

1. I don't drink so much tea in the Spring & Summer unless it's herbal or fresh mint tea, but as the temperatures drop, a good old fashioned cup of English Breakfast becomes a standard in my home. One thing I always get in trouble for is dumping the teabags into the sink... Problem solved with this Country Retreat Teabag Tidy that I found at a garden center on my recent trip to the Cotswolds. It's so cute and it has a duck on it!

2. I love to upcycle bottles that sauces, liquors, oils and salad dressings come in and make something new to go in them... Salad dressings, infused alcohols like Limoncello or flavored olive oil are all on my list and they make lovely gifts! The bottle stoppers from Charles Viancin are the perfect way to top off such a gift or a treat on your own dining table... They'll also work for wine bottles and they're adorable!

3. There are so many recipes that call for 1/2 a lemon or occasionally you're slicing lemon wedges for a dish or a cocktail and you don't need the whole thing. This Lemon Saver is great for making sure you don't waste the half you haven't used yet and it's super cute.

4. If you're always looking for ideas to make your kitchen more sustainable, you'll love the Kuhn Rikon Stay Clean Scrubber, a sponge replacement that will last for ages. BPA free, long-lasting, non-porous, flexible and colorful, this scrubber is safe to use on non-stick cookware and any other kitchen surfaces. The bonus? You can say goodbye to stinky sponges!

5. I love a multi-use product in the kitchen because space isn't unlimited in London flats and the less clutter the better! The Charles Viancin Poppy Trivet also doubles as a potholder, making it twice as useful and it adds a lovely pop of color to the kitchen or the dinner table.

6. Pie is a wonderful thing during Autumn & Winter, however I often feel like it's a shame to make a whole pie for just my husband and I. I also like to occasionally bake something in two dishes to have on either end of the dinner table as a starter or side dish. With those situations in mind, I picked up two of the Kitchen Craft Living Nostalgia 18.5cm Enamel Round Pie Dishes on a recent shopping trip and I've already used them twice... I can tell they're going to become staples in my kitchen!

7. Whether for a teaspoon, a serving spoon or a cooking spoon, I love a good spoon rest for preventing unnecessary mess. What's better? A spoon rest with a pig on it! Currently obsessed with the Country Retreat Spoon Rest I found in the Cotswolds. It's just too darn cute!

What recent additions to your kitchen are you loving lately?

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