Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Pink Parcel - It's a Monthly Thing

Pink Parcel monthly subscription box for menstrual cycle
July Pink Parcel Subscription Box (c/o Pink Parcel)

Okay, so time for a little girl talk... There's a reason why it's called the time of the month. It's not pleasant, even under the best of circumstances, with our hormones taking over, painful cramps and ridiculous cravings for unhealthy food that send our diets off course every month like clockwork. What if I told you there's an inexpensive way to cheer yourself up every month, just when you need it most? What if I said that part of the deal is never having to get your period late at night when all the shops are closed and you don't have any supplies on hand? What if I said that there's a lovely subscription box that is the perfect way to introduce your daughters to this otherwise scary time of their lives in a way that makes it a little bit special and not quite so scary? Allow me to introduce you to Pink Parcel, the subscription box service that's all about making our monthly cycles more bearable and less of an epic inconvenience.

For just £10.50 (including shipping & handling) per month, you can receive a beautiful box in the post that's packed full of supplies to get you through the worst week of each month with as little hassle as possible. Here's how it works... You simply choose a brand of feminine products you like best (they have plenty of brands to choose from), provide your dates and select one of 3 monthly delivery slots that's closest to your time of the month. Then you basically forget about it, knowing that your box will arrive like a beautiful, tidy little surprise and everything will be taken care of. Each box contains a cute little bag For Now that you can slip into your handbag, a box of supplies For Later and a box with pads For Night. Job done... But wait - there's more!

foot cream, biscuits, tea, tweezers and beauty products
July Pink Parcel Subscription Box (c/o Pink Parcel)
Tampons and pads aren't the most exciting thing to receive in the post, however Pink Parcel has thought of everything... Not only do they take care of getting your monthly supplies out to you each month, they also make sure to take care of you too! Each subscription box comes with another little box inside that says For You on it and it's packed with goodies to cheer you up and make you feel great! There's always something chocolate and a tea sample, because everyone knows that everything can be made better with chocolate and a cuppa. There are also plenty of beauty goodies inside as well so you can enjoy a little pampering. The box I received included a Lottie London nail polish, a Patisserie de Bain scented hand cream, a scented foot cream from Freeman, a lovely eyeshadow palette from Jelly Pong Pong, and the featured product, a pair of the glam new rose gold Vintage Cosmetic Company tweezers. In short, someone has finally found a way to actually make us look forward to getting our periods instead of dreading them like the plague. Score!

Getting a subscription to Pink Parcel is easy... Simply visit www.pinkparcel.co.uk and sign up. While you're there, you can also check out the Pink Parcel Shop, which has lots of fun goodies including a Summer Survival Kit that's perfect for festival season! Once you've subscribed, you are billed monthly, however you can of course cancel the subscription if you feel like it's not for you or put it on hold if you're traveling, pregnant or just need to take a break. They currently have a deal if you sign up now to get your first box for £6.99, so what are you waiting for? Treat yo self!

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