Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Candle Crush: RHS Fragrant Gardens Vanilla & Cinnamon Candle

Vanilla and Cinnamon RHS Christmas Candle
Wax Lyrical RHS Fragrant Gardens Vanilla & Cinnamon Boxed Candle
In Spring & Summer, I love floral and citrus scents in my candles. As Summer turns to Autumn, I begin to crave something a little spicier. I switch from fresh, clean scents that remind me of hot summer days on the beach to scents that are more reminiscent of Christmas trees and apple pie. On a recent trip to Waitrose, I discovered the Royal Horticultural Society Fragrant Garden range of Wax Lyrical candles and I fell in love! I am familiar with Wax Lyrical candles as you can find them in many high-end pharmacies and other shops where you might find candles, home goods and the like, but I had not yet discovered this particular range. Though I rarely get excited about a vanilla based scent, this candle stole my heart. In fact, I've been burning it for the past few days almost non-stop.

I would describe the scent as similar to oatmeal cookies made with a little too much cinnamon as they come out of the oven (which is how I normally make my oatmeal cookies). It's not quite like apple pie and not terribly sweet, but you can smell the faintest hint of vanilla and the seasonal spiciness of cinnamon. It's warm, welcoming and the perfect transitional candle for moving from light summery scents into Autumn. I would go so far as to say that if you live and breath for a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks every Fall, this candle will be right up your street.

At just £10, the RHS Fragrant Gardens Vanilla & Cinnamon Candle is a bargain. Presented in a clean & crisp glass jar with a pretty floral print on the label, it's the perfect little attainable luxury, but it makes a lovely gift too! The print is actually from the RHS Lindley Library illustrations, making it that much more special. The RHS Fragrant Gardens Vanilla & Cinnamon scent is also available in other candle sizes and products such as a room spray, tea lights, diffuser products and more. For more information or to buy, visit www.wax-lyrical.com.

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