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Beauty Edit - October 2016

It seems like September just flew by and here we are in October with another Beauty Edit. This month's edit includes a bounty of great products for Autumn, whether you're excited to embrace make-up trends or simply more interested in switching up your routine a bit to suit the beauty needs that come with cooler weather. Each of these products has been chosen to help you have your most beautiful October yet! So, without further ado...

Perfume, bronzer nail polish eyeliner beauty supplements eyeshadow hairspray lip balm brush cleaning tool
L'Occitane Néroli & Orchidée Eau de Toilette / Benefit Dew the Hoola Liquid Bronzer
Rimmel London Super Gel in Soul Session / Makeup Brush Cleaning Tool (c/o The Vintage Cosmetics Company)
Revidox Food Supplement (c/o Revidox)Balance Me Lip Quench Balm / Toni & Guy Prep Heat Protection Mist
Maybelline The Blushed Nudes Eyeshadow Palette / Gel Eyeliner in Ebony (c/o Bellápierre)

1. If you're not quite ready to give up your floral scents, but want something a little different for Autumn, then allow me to introduce you to L'Occitane Néroli & Orchidée Eau de Toilette. Beautifully floral in scent, this gorgeous perfume is made a bit more spicy with Néroli, making it work for Autumn. A little tip... A little goes a long way with this one, so use sparingly. L'Occitane Néroli & Orchidée Eau de Toilette is £52 for 75ml and it's available online via L'Occitane.

2. I've been a dedicated user of the powdered version of Benefit Hoola for years, but I'm super excited about Benefit Dew the Hoola Liquid Bronzer! I've heard a lot of people say that bronzers are too dark for them or that they find them too difficult to apply in a controlled manner. If you are one of those people, this is the bronzer you want in your makeup bag this Autumn so that you can get your glow on all year long in a subtle way! Light, easy to apply and almost sheer, this gorgeous liquid bronzer is all you need and controlling the application is so much easier than with powdered versions. It's also shimmerless, so it's ace for anyone who wants to avoid anything that's at all akin to sparkles or strobing. Benefit Dew the Hoola is £22.50 for 30ml and available online from Benefit.

3. For the perfect blush nude Autumn nails, I'm loving Rimmel London Super Gel in Soul Session. It's super glossy and the pinky mauve hue gives it a little something extra that's perfect for the coming season!  Rimmel London Super Gel in Soul Session is £8.99 and available online here.

4. With all the fuss online about cleaning makeup brushes to avoid the risk of disgusting bacterial infections and prevent clogged pores and/or acne, it's time to invest in something to help you do this little chore with regularity. The Vintage Cosmetics Company Makeup Brush Cleaning Tool is easy to use and it makes cleaning brushes a little bit easier. At only £5.95, this little 100% silicone helper is perfect for stashing in your makeup bag to help you remember to clean your brushes more than once a decade. Why not start this resolution now, so you create some breathing room on the list of resolutions that you're saving for 2017? The Makeup Brush Cleaning Tool is available online via The Vintage Cosmetics Company.

5. It seems hard to look anywhere without reading or hearing about beauty supplements... They're all the rage these days, although the idea of supplements for beauty gain is not entirely new. In the spirit of this new trend, I introduce you to Revidox Food Supplement for maintaining healthy hair, skin and nails. Revidox aims to strengthen the antioxidant barriers of the skin in order to combat cell ageing and all you have to do is take it once a day. Autumn & Winter always seem to come with that extra dose of indulgence, so why not start counteracting that as much as possible now? The Revidox Food Supplement is £35 for a 60-day supply and it's available online via Revidox.

6. I'm a fan of Balance Me, the British beauty brand that makes my all-time favorite hand cream and one of my favorite cream facial cleansersBalance Me Lip Quench Balm is currently taking up residency in my bag to pre-empt chapped lips which I totally hate. Petroleum-free, this balm is also free from parabens, sulphates, mineral oils, silicones and artificial fragrances or colors. Made with spearmint alonside shea and mango butters, this soothing lip balm is refreshingly delightful! Balance Me Lip Quench Balm is just £8 and available online here and here.

7. If you're anything like me, as the temperature drops, you start using your hair dryer and hot styling tools a lot more often than you do in Summer. This year I'm making more of an effort to protect my hair from heat styling and I'm currently loving the Toni & Guy Prep Heat Protection Mist. It requires very little in the way of time or effort and helps protect your locks from heat styling, keeping your mane shiny and healthy. A little tip: unlock and lock the spray bottle by pressing the lock button on the side below the nozzle from side to side. At just £6.99, Toni & Guy Prep Heat Protection Mist is a bargain and it's available online at Superdrug.

8. Complement your vampy lipstick shade this Fall with the gorgeous Maybelline The Blushed Nudes Eyeshadow Palette. With both matte and shimmer shades, this gorgeous palette is perfect for embracing Autumn beauty trends and the shadows look just as great on as they do in the palette. The brush that comes with the palette isn't brilliant, so I'd suggest using your own eyeshadow brushes or investing in some goods ones if you don't have a stash already, but the shadows are great! At just £9.99, this is a great budget alternative to some of the other trendy palettes on the market right now and it's super fun to experiment with. The Maybelline The Blushed Nudes Eyeshadow Palette is available online via Superdrug.

9. In the summer it's so fun to trade in a heavy makeup look for a more natural, dewy glow in the manner of "I woke up like this", but I think a lot of us feel excited when Autumn comes to get back in the game with more drama. For maximising that drama when it comes to your eyes, a great eyeliner is essential! I'm currently loving the Bellápierre Gel Eyeliner in Ebony. It doesn't budge, it's easy to apply and it's perfect for a more intense eye make-up look. Bellápierre Gel Eyeliner in Ebony is £20 and it's available online in several shades via Bellápierre.

What products are you excited about using this Fall to up your beauty game with the changing season?

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