Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Environ Facial at Sorbet Muswell Hill

I recently left my comfort zone of West London and headed Northeast to Muswell Hill, an area of London I'd never been to before and yet fell in love with instantly. Tree-lined streets, happy looking families everywhere and the occasional glimpse of Alexandra Palace as you come up the hill, this area of London looks like it's up & coming, yet already an ideal place to hang your hat. To be honest, one could easily forget they're in London at all were it not for the double decker busses on the street. It's a picturesque little slice of heaven and then you hit Muswell Hill Broadway where there are plenty of recognizable restaurants storefronts & restaurants, but also a few new names and independents that give the perfect mix worthy of a day trip there if you've never been. Right in the thick of it is an adorable beauty salon called Sorbet. Clean, bright and beautifully laid out, this South African salon is as inviting as it is fun. It's also very close to a Côte Brasserie, which is always a favorite of mine and the perfect place to have lunch or dinner before or after your treatment if you're making a day of it.

photos and Environ Facial treatment c/o Sorbet

Upon arrival, I was met by a couple of ladies, sharply dressed in sleek beauty therapist uniforms. They handed me some forms to fill out which are standard practice for a first timer at Sorbet. I expected the standard questions, but I was a little shocked and then relieved at how intense the forms were. There are a lot of questions, many that seem random, but once I was in the consultation with my assigned beauty therapist, it all started to make sense. Every question on those forms somehow lead back to the condition of my skin, whether it was about my health, medication, lifestyle or diet, so if you decide to go, don't worry... It will all make sense in the long run.

During my consultation, I spoke with the beauty therapist about what products I use and which ones I like or don't like. I had thought I would have a Dermalogica facial because I'd had one about 10 years ago and loved it, but after the consultation the therapist suggested the Environ Facial because it treats everything. The Dermalogica facial, she explained, was more of a targeted treatment for specific concerns and since I didn't really have any strong concerns, she suggested an appropriate alternative.

photos and Environ Facial treatment c/o Sorbet
I was taken to the room which was very clean and comfortable, given a hanger for my clothes and a cup for my jewelry. It's important to remove any jewelry for this facial as there's an electrical component to it, so earrings, rings, piercings, etc. must all be removed.

photos and Environ Facial treatment c/o Sorbet
I undressed, laid on a bed and covered up with a towel. The therapist prepared a pad that went underneath me on one side which is covered by a damp cloth and has something to do with the electric current. Products that go deeper into the skin than normal were applied and fortified with electric currents, going even deeper for maximum impact. For this part of the facial you can choose areas to focus on. I chose my "elevens," the two little vertical lines between my eye brows and my forehead. Exfoliation, deep moisturizing and deep cleansing were all part of the process, but my favorite part was probably the massage. During the facial a mask is applied which, if you're comfortable enough, can be applied over the eyes and mouth as well. You can opt not to cover your mouth and eyes if this makes you uncomfortable. To be honest, it made me a little uncomfortable to think about, but I decided to face my fear, trust the very nice therapist and do it anyway. It's actually not that bad, though I wouldn't recommend covering the mouth if you have a cold or allergies effecting your breathing through your nose. The mask is then hooked up to a machine that pulses small volts of current through it. It does cause you to see flashing lights, a bit like a police car light, but that sort of dissipates after a while. After the mask is applied, you have the option of a foot or hand massage. This is the real treat! It felt like she was massaging my feet for hours even though it was probably just about 15 minutes and thankfully it didn't tickle. I basically faded away into a state of complete relaxation. The facial ends with a quick makeover, which is basically a bit of Jane Iredale mineral powder, so you don't leave the salon all red-faced and looking horrible. I was assured by the therapist that it's absolutely fine to apply the mineral powder immediately following a facial without worrying about irritation or breakouts. She did a color match test on my skin, powdered me up and I was good to go.

photos and Environ Facial treatment c/o Sorbet
Following the facial, the therapist recommended products that would be good for my skin, all of which are sold onsite at Sorbet. There was no hard sell, just a friendly recommendation that was given to me both verbally and in written form. The therapist also let me know that if I were to repeat the treatment, she might use steam the next time to go even deeper and would be able to concentrate on my forehead and "elevens" again for further results. I left the salon feeling light as air and my skin was in great shape. Glowing, fresh, clean and renewed, my face had never felt better.

photos and Environ Facial treatment c/o Sorbet

What I liked most about my treatment at Sorbet is that it was a healthy mix of relaxation and necessity. Some parts of the facial were quite clinical or maybe even a little uncomfortable, but nothing outrageous. Some parts were luxuriously relaxing and felt like a proper treat. I hate going for a facial feeling like I only get one or the other... All relaxation with no results is a waste of money while all clinical with no pampering is stressful and not very fun. Sorbet has mastered this balance, at least with the Environ Facial and it's a wonderful way to spend an hour taking care of yourself. Furthermore, if you've never taken a day to explore the Muswell Hill area, what better excuse could you have than an appointment for a bit of pampering? Treat yo self! For more information on Sorbet in Muswell Hill or to book an appointment, visit

Many thanks to Sorbet for collaborating with Pink Julep by providing this facial treatment for review. All views in this post are 100% my own and have been in no way influenced by Sorbet or any of their associates or partners. 

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