Tuesday, November 1, 2016

CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE 2016 No. 1 - For the Home

Whether you're trying to gift a couple or a whole family with one thing they can all enjoy or you're specifically choosing something for the home because the people on your list are newlyweds, interiors junkies or homebodies, the right homeware present can be just as thoughtful and impressive a gift as any. Here are a few tips to consider when buying a gift for someone's home:
  1. Consider the color scheme... If you aren't sure what colors they've used at home, that's okay, but stick to neutral or metallic gifts or maybe something that's portable and/or disposable, such as a candle or a vase that they can use in any room or even at the office if it doesn't match their decor at home.
  2. Consider the style... Are they likely to enjoy something modern, quirky, country or super colorful? Taking into account the style of someone's home shows that you've put a lot of though into their gift. You don't want to buy them something country chic if they've opted for a minimalist Scandi vibe at home. 
  3. Consider their personality... If you can find a homey gift that also reflects the recipient's personality, you're winning the Christmas shopping game. Is the person slightly preppy? Go for something monogrammed. Are they really into hunting? Choose something with an animal on it such as a stag or a game bird. Do they brag about their wine collection? Go for something in the barware department. 
  4. Unless you know the person really well, steer clear of huge gifts for the home. A little trinket, a throw, a candle or a cushion is charming. A 20 square foot painting of a bulldog might be overwhelming and unwelcome. If you want to buy something for someone's home, at least have the courtesy to gift them something that they can throw in the closet and bring out only when you come over in the event that it's not quite their style. That's the least you can do... 
  5. Remember - it's the thought that counts and include a gift receipt. Some people are quite particular about what they put in their homes and that's okay. Just because they might not be keen to display what you gave them in their living room doesn't mean they don't appreciate the thought and if you include the gift receipt, they can exchange it for something they really love.
*Click on the photos below to shop my picks for Christmas gifts for the home this year. *


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