Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Gifting Your Host or Hostess During the Holiday Season

I've always been of the persuasion that one should never show up to a party empty handed. I find this is particularly true during the holidays, especially if you've been invited to something special. The gift you bring to your host or hostess doesn't need to be flashy or expensive as long as its thoughtful. Splash out on a fancy Champagne gift if you like, or keep it light and affordable with a fun party game or some poppers to enjoy at the celebration. Either way, your contribution to the evening will be appreciated by your host and you'll be sure to secure your invitation for next year as well!

* Click the images below to shop directly and scroll down to read my tips for buying the perfect host or hostess gifts! *
1. Laurent-Perrier Brut Champagne and Montezuma Truffle Set - £60 / 2. Talking Tables Silver Posh Poppers - £4.45
3. Halen Môn Twin Salt & Pepper Pig Gift Set - £23.95 / 4. John Lewis Buy Italian Mini Panettone Collection - £12
5. Sugarfina Rosé Gummy Bear and Rosette Sweets - £15.50 / 6. Draper James Dog Coaster Set - $35
7. Cire Trudon Abd El Kader Scented Cameos - £38 / 8. Big Potato Obama Llama Game - £19.99
9. Choi Time Thousand Year Red Giant Flowering Tea Bulbs - £19.95 / 10. Cathy's Concepts Monogram Glass Terrarium - £49.54
11. Liberty Ground Coffee - £10 / 12. Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur - £42.50
13. Slant Collections Liquid Therapy Stemless Wine Glasses - £20.50 / 14. Forrest Gin London Dry Gin - £59.50
15. Cowshed Signature Hand Care Duo - £25 / 16. Diptyque Verveine Scented Candle - £42

A few tips for choosing the perfect gift to give your host or hostess... 

1. Why not flowers?
I'm not a fan of flowers at a dinner or party for the host, not because I don't love some beautiful blooms, but because it requires hustling around for a vase, cutting stems and sorting out the arrangement, which can be a bit tough when you have a house full of people and you've got something cooking on all burners. If you want to gift something like this, I would suggest something like a chic terrarium since it won't require any immediate attention.

2. A note on alcohol...
Not everyone drinks and that's okay. Also, what if you're invited to a party at the home of someone who's expecting? A bottle of wine is usually a lovely contribution to a celebration and if asked to do so, you should certainly bring one. That said, if you know that one or more of your hosts don't drink, it's not a bad idea to throw in a little something else to say thanks, such as some nice flowering teafancy coffee or a lovely candle.

3. Including the whole family...
If your hosts have children who will also be at the celebration, it's nice to include them too! I'm not suggesting that you buy everyone a gift, but maybe you can find something that would be enjoyable for the whole family. Fun poppers or something edible like panettone will do the trick and no one will feel left out.

4. Make it thoughtful if you can...
Do you know something that your host or hostess really loves? Are they a dog lover that would love some K-9 coasters? Or a cocktail enthusiast that would be excited by a great bottle of gin or a liqueur? Are they foodies? Try something fun for the kitchen like a salt & pepper pig set. If you know something about your hosts, it only helps you to find something that will show you put as much thought into their gift as they put into the celebration they've invited you to.

5. What if you don't know the hosts very well?
That's okay... No one expects you to know what to buy someone you don't know. Choose something fun, chic and interesting to help make a great first impression! Something like beautiful & interesting designer sweets, a chic set of handsoap and lotion, beautiful scented cameos or a set of fun wine glasses are perfect for showing your appreciation and telling your new friends that you're cool. It's also never a bad idea to rock up to a party with Champagne and chocolates... Just sayin... 

6. When in doubt, choose fun!
If you're really stumped, you can't go wrong with a fun game... It's something that the hosts can enjoy long after the party is over or they can open it up during the festivities if the mood is dwindling too early. Either way, you've shown your appreciation and contributed to the evening. That said, keep in mind that the host and/or hostess may have plans for the evening already, so don't keep asking to play it... Wait to let them offer.

With these tips, you're sure to buy the perfect gifts for all the hosts and hostesses you'll be visiting during the holiday season! Do you have any tips for gifting that you'd like to share? If so, please leave a comment below...

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