Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Introducing Pemberly Fox and 'Margaux', the Parisienne Greeting Cards 'It Girl'

Greeting cards on silver glitter paper
Margaux au Bistrot Greeting Card / Margaux à Vélo Greeting Card / Margaux - Un Auto Portrait Greeting Card
Margaux Sur la Glace Greeting Card / Margaux en Mascarade Greeting Card
Margaux - Un Dimanche Après-Midi Greeting Card
(all samples c/o Pemberly Fox)
If you're not familiar with Pemberly Fox, I'm delighted to introduce you to this new London-based luxury stationery and greeting card brand with craftsmanship & quality design at its heart. Offering both bespoke and off-the-shelf options by a range of artists from around the world, Pemberly Fox is making handwritten correspondence cool again, one fabulous design at a time. Which brings me to Margaux, the Parisienne It Girl featured on the latest collection of cards by artist Kristie Vargo.

Card with girl ice skating
Margaux Sur la Glace Greeting Card
Living the good life through a series of illustrations, Margaux represents every woman's inner It GirlMargaux's luxe experiences are now being brought to life on a series of greeting cards exclusively available at Pemberly Fox - that's right, you can't get these beauties anywhere else! Embodying joie de vivreMargaux is often portrayed wearing her signature oh-so-chic red beret with sunglasses and can be seen playing tennis, ice skating, cycling through the French countryside, painting a masterpiece, enjoying an afternoon of coffee and people watching at a local Bistro and more... There's nothing Margaux can't do!

3 watercolor illustrated greeting cards
Margaux - Un Dimanche Après-Midi Greeting Card / Margaux Sur la Glace Greeting Card
Margaux en Mascarade Greeting Card
The Margaux greeting cards are the creation of well-known Chicago artist Kristie Vargo. Each illustration of Margaux begins as a pencil and ink illustration, which is then painted with watercolors. Vargo keeps it authentic, even using French-made paper... Naturally!

Margaux Sur la Glace Greeting Card
There are 12 different Margaux greeting card sets to choose from, each more adorable than the last. Each set contains 6 cards and envelopes lined with printed red paper (to match Margaux's beret) that appropriately says La Joie de Vivre. The cards are packaged in a beautifully presented white Pemberly Fox box. If you were looking for a gift for someone (or for yourself) you couldn't find something more chic or thoughtful than a box of cards featuring Margaux in a scene that represents something the gift recipient enjoys... Très chic!

Pemberly Fox Greeting Cards Box

The fab folks at Pemberly Fox sent me a sampler box of Margaux cards to try out and they are completely adorable, not to mention quite luxe. With lined envelopes, sturdy card stock and beautiful illustrations, these beautiful cards are great to have around when you need to drop someone a note, sending out a thank-you card or even if you need a card for someone's birthday or another occasion. It would be hard not to get excited about being given one of these super chic cards... They're so luxe and completely adorable!

French greeting cards
Margaux au Bistrot Greeting Card / Margaux à Vélo Greeting Card / Margaux - Un Auto Portrait Greeting Card
Choose from 12 Margaux greeting card designs at Pemberly Fox. A box of 6 cards costs £19.95 is available online from  Pemberly Fox also offers bespoke stationery, party invitations, wedding stationery and more. For more information or to shop for some fabulously luxe new correspondence goodies, visit

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